Maria Pascual and CollageVintage

Happy Thursday girls! Maria Pascual and CollageVintage

Today I want to share with you the excitement of the entire Maria Pascual team with the new collection. We launched it just a couple of days ago and it was created by @collagevintage.

As you know, since our inception, we have had a very close relationship with Collage Vintage. We share the same vision and fruit of this common vision and relationship some of the most iconic designs of Maria Pascual have been born such as the Gold Horn Necklace or the Japanese Con Necklace

We have finally collaborated again! And you do not know the desire we had to show you this new collection that we launched just last Tuesday, July 14.

A little more about Sara @collagevintage

For those of you who don’t know her at all, Sara is from Madrid, but for a while now, she has lived in Los Angeles with her better half, the great photographer Diego.

Over the years, she has made a place for herself among the most reputable influencers on Instagram for her style and her travels. Collaborate with some of the best brands in the world. And once again, we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with her to continue creating new pieces always thought by and for you.

ENDLESS LOVE the new collection Maria Pascual and CollageVintage

This new collection from CollageVintage is called ENDLESS LOVE and as you can see as I show it to you, the pieces, almost all include heart-shaped elements. It’s a full-fledged celebration of love

The inspiration comes from Sara’s love for vintage jewelry. She has spent two years collecting pieces from her trips around the world. She is especially fond of those in the shape of a heart, since her godmother always gave her hearts, and they are the most valuable of her jeweler.

The collection consists of five pendants, two rings and several earrings. Next we will present you piece by piece, so that you can know them a little more and be inspired to use them on any occasion.

The necklaces Maria Pascual and CollageVintage

  • Vintage Heart Necklace: It is one of the most striking pieces in the collection. It evokes us to those special moments with a touch of romance.
  • Red Heart Necklace: It is one of our favorite basics, adding that red tone in the center of the piece causes a contrast that will give a lot of color to your look.
  • Mini Hearts Necklace: Another of our basics, perfect for everyday life and much more minimalist.
  • Shiny Heart Necklace: As its name suggests, the sparkles added to this piece will give your outfit a brutal touch of light.
  • Lace Heart Necklace: “The jewel in the crown”. It is the one that most represents all the characteristics of Vintage Collage. It has that vintage touch, heart shaped and completely unique. Both for day to day and for special occasions will make you feel exceptional. As much as the piece.

Earrings Maria Pascual and CollageVintage

For earrings, we wanted to present them in a set of three to wear in the same ear.

  • Heart Pack Earrings: This is a mini version of Shiny Heart Necklace, Red Heart Necklace and Lace Heart Necklace. To combine them with each other, or wear one and make your whole look stand out. They are classics with distinctions that never fail.
  • Heart Hoops Earrings: They are the most iconic. Since they are a heart-shaped version of the Flat Earrings (one of the great successes of the past collections of Collage Vintage for Maria Pascual). In addition to being one of Sara’s favorites, she actually wears them regularly.

The Rings

  • Amour Ring: It is an adjustable piece to carry on any finger. It is beautiful and brings a light touch to the hands precious.
  • Heart Ring: It is a totally atypical ring. It is for the use of the little finger. Completely unique and with a small detail of shine. To feel different and daring is one of the best options.

We hope you like this collection as much as we do and you can feel the love with which it is made.

Don’t let love disappear! :)

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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