Lessons we learned from the COVID-19 and a super update

Everything that revolves around the Covid-19 and everything that has happened has left no one indifferent. We have all been affected to a lesser or greater extent. Lessons we learned from the COVID-19 and a super update

Undoubtedly this worldwide known virus will go down in history and in the textbooks along with the civil wars, the world war…  It is leaving a strong mark on all of us. But let’s be frank, we are happy and grateful. What lessons have we learned these days?

Many things, no doubt…

Lessons we learned from the COVID-19 and a super update


First, to be grateful, but really. It’s not enough to say it, if we’re reading this publication from home, then we’re one of the lucky ones. 

It’s been very difficult to stop leaving the house overnight, right. Changing routines, schedules, … But above that is life. Seeing all that has been experienced in hospitals, those of us who are at home safe, with food, blankets, water, light, … We must feel very lucky.

To work as a team, but really. I think, we have learned the true meaning of teamwork! Teamwork is not working with people. Teamwork is not having partners at the next table. Team effort is rowing vigorously in the same direction, and feeling that we all rely on each other. From the adaptation of schedules, to the adaptation of safety protocols at work. We are all united by the same cause, to fight against the Covid-19 and to do it as a team. I think we have learned that you can be physically far away from your partner and yet be closer than ever.

To make good use of the pantry.

Lessons we learned from the COVID-19 and a super updateYes, if you don’t laugh, I’m sure you’ve been looking at the calendar to see if your order for the supermarket has arrived because you were low on eggs, tomatoes, … But despite thinking: “I have nothing left” there is always a can at the end of the cupboard, a glass jar of vegetables and a few things in the fridge. I think we’ve learned to make good, perfect use of what we have. 

I’ll tell you what’s new.

You don’t know how happy I am to share this with you. Let’s see, you remember our legendary Multi Cross, right? 

That unique necklace full of crosses that Maria Pascual designed with so much taste and style as well as a lot of risk. Remember? I’m sure you also remember that we stopped, we said goodbye with all the pain in our hearts to make way for other news. Maria Pascual has always been a pioneer in her designs and the Multi Cross, among other reasons, we began to see it everywhere and felt it was time to say goodbye to it.

I remember, when Carla told me: “Marta, to rectify is wise, and the Multi Cross is coming back”


It had to be, it’s an emblematic jewel of the house and had left a big gap in the online store, so we welcome back “MULTI CROSS“. 

MULTI CROSS is back, 

You have asked us in every possible way and you know that your wishes are orders. buy jewelry online maria pascual

And what better time than now for Multi Cross to come back through the big door. During this small chaos where every day people die and are born, where despite high fevers we are more than ever aware of life. The earth, our planet, thanks us every minute for this break.

Here it is again, in the middle of the shadow, a little light.

Multi Cross, from Maria Pascual to you can be yours! See you next time.

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