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Discover how to style several necklaces together and make this technique your secret weapon. Necklace layering is an art and when you master it, it’ll become your best fashion asset.

We’ve been witnessing it season after season on our favorite celebrities and influencers. It’s on the streets, in social media, in fashion editorials… what are we talking about? Necklace layering, of course!

Layering is the combination and overlapping of necklaces and chains to achieve a harmonious look that balances all pieces. Moreover, the purpose of layering can be to bring prominence to a specific piece, where the rest of the necklaces are a mere complement to enhance its beauty and singularity.

In the image, Paula wears the Wild Necklace, the Horoscope Necklace, the Bobble Chain and the Chain Necklace XL.

Two, three or even four chains at once: that’s how you must wear this jewelry trend. All you have to do is adjust the height of each necklace to keep them all in place and you’ll be able to show off your personal style. In today’s guide, we present our tips for achieving the perfect layered looks, fit for an expert.

How to style several necklaces together: our tips

Layering is one of the arts of jewelry styling. Like any art, it cannot be mastered overnight: it requires practice and a certain expertise. Just as it happens with clothing, you have to know how to do it well to avoid falling into the baroque and exaggeration. We don’t want to look like a Christmas tree, do we?

It’s a great way to elevate even the most simple garment. A basic t-shirt doesn’t look the same on its own as it does paired with three or four necklaces, as this adds exponentially to your look. It’s also a wonderful chance to express your creativity and show the world your styling skills. Moreover, you can make the most of your collection of necklaces and chains. Why settle for wearing one piece when you can wear several? There are infinite combinations that you can make with the jewels in your collection, dare to find them all!

In the image, Paula wears the Heart Necklace, the Horoscope Necklace, and the Lace Necklace.

First tip: Stick with a metal

At Maria Pascual, we’re gold lovers to the core and, although many of you ask us for silver jewelry, we are true to our DNA – and it has gold embedded on it! We recommend that you stick to a color (gold, silver or rose gold) and create your layered looks with just one metal. However, it’s becoming increasingly trendy to match gold with silver, so you can venture out if it’s an aesthetic that you think suits you.

Second tip: Keep some distance between necklaces

We don’t want a jumble of necklaces at the same height, thank you. In addition to looking cluttered, it’s a tangles nest! Ideally, each piece should occupy a specific place and you should place them strategically between the neck and the chest. The order is up to you, but our expert recommendation is to use size as a guide. That is, place the most eye-catching or large pieces in the area you want to give prominence to. For example, if you want to draw attention to your neck, collarbone or neckline, put the piece with the most presence in that area. This way, you’ll achieve the perfect visual contrast between all the jewels.

Third tip: Clothes play a key role

The clothes you wear is a determining factor when it comes to how you should style several necklaces together. It’s easy to work with plunging necklines or high collars, as these are a blank canvas. If you wear a low-cut shirt, you can use very long necklaces to go with it. As for sweaters, especially turtlenecks, layer them on top and you’ll see how much personality you can bring to even your most basic knit.

In the image, Paula wears the Scale Necklace, the Plain Chain Necklace, and the Horoscope Necklace.

Fourth tip: the rule of 3

3 is a magical number – so it’s in jewelry. The combination of 3 necklaces or chains is always a success. As we have already stated, you can arrange them by playing with the sizes and the presence of each piece to get the perfect look. But there’s nothing written regarding the number of pieces you can wear at once. Our advice is that, in most cases, less is more – unless you’re looking for a maximalist look!

Fifth tip: Mix&match

Adding different textures and shapes can be a total success. Combine chunky chains with minimal ones, small links with big links, necklaces with and without medallion… Combine your necklaces and chains as you please, but in the mix & match of different styles you’ll find the success formula.

In the image, Paula wears the Drops Necklace, the Shiny Cross Necklace, the Drop Choker and the Horoscope Necklace.

Sixth tip: Elevate your Charms collection

Or invest in them if you haven’t started it yet! Think you’ve got a look you fancy, but it’s still missing something? Having a few Charms in your collection will give you that versatility you need. Besides, layering is something extremely personal linked to your own style. Place a Charm that has a special meaning to you on one of your necklaces and bring a personal twist to your layered look.

Remember: there’s no right combination. The key to layering is to have fun, experiment and let your imagination run wild. Be true to your style, don’t just emulate the layered look of your favorite influencer or celebrity. Now that you have all the tips you need and you know how to style several necklaces together, you just need to get down to work. Let’s combine!

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