Launching the new Dulceida collection for Maria Pascual

Launching the new Dulceida collection for Maria Pascual

Nature, unique pieces, sweet and risky.

Launching the new Dulceida collection for Maria Pascual

I already told you a few days ago that today we would have NEWS, in capital letters. We are looking forward to the new Dulceida jewellery collection created by Aida Domenech for Maria Pascual.

We have been looking forward to today like crazy. Hours and hours of work, design, and meetings has led us up to capturing the most intimate ideas for the Dulceida collection. Today, finally, all our secrets will be revealed.

Both Maria Pascual and Dulceida had a huge challenge ahead: create and design a collection that you like, that makes you feel unique, and that captures the identity of Dulceida. The previous collection was such a success that we knew we had a challenge ahead of us to live up to your expectations. But it was easy, because Dulceida has formed a soul that reflects its fears, strengths, and energy. These characteristics can be seen in this collection of jewellery.

Both Dulceida and the entire Maria Pascual team are very happy because we have achieved our goal. We have turned the versatile pieces that Dulceida and Maria Pascual have designed into gold and elegance.

We want you to like them, to love them, to feel strong when you wear them, and above all, that they fit perfectly with your style.

Unique pieces and limited items

Each of the jewellery pieces have been created from scratch. Starting from what Dulceida was clear it wanted to convey. They are very personal and risky jewels that surely will not leave you indifferent.

Every detail has been carefully chosen to create a special, intimate, luxurious and elegant collection. It is also a collection with a limited number of pieces, something that makes it even more unique and extraordinary.

We are part of nature

Dulceida was very clear from the beginning about its inspiration: nature. We are part of it, physically and spiritually.

Strength, security, and precision are aspects that we see reflected in the elements and animals of nature. In these pieces you will find your perfect counterpart for each day.

What does the collection contain?

In the Nature of Dulceida collection for Maria Pascual you will find 18-24 carat gold pieces and some pieces with zircons. There are 4 necklaces and 3 earrings.

Spiders, snakes, scorpions and roses are the elements that are used in this collection. Daring and risky designs but that were made with great finesse and elegance to perfect your look at any time of the day.

You can choose the element you need to make you feel strong, safe and confident.

Perhaps the snake design will make you feel its stealth, speed, and precision. Or the scorpion, which will make you feel its safety and strength. Maybe you will choose the sweetness, beauty, balance, and perfection of the rose. Or the spider, constant and careful.

How did Dulceida combine the Nature collection?

Dulceida was created with a clear vision that wanted a collection with items that could be combined with each other. In addition, they wanted to create items that could all be worn at the same time, each of them symbolizing attitudes and energies necessary to face the day to day.

Mix and match the pieces you love the most and pick the items that bring you the energy you want. All the items reflect a wild and bold identity, to live without fear of risk and the unknown.

Don’t miss out

We are looking forward to you seeing and enjoying the entire collection. Below you can browse through the shots from the photoshoot. No doubt the result came out wonderfully because it was created by an excellent team. Dulceida and Maria Pascual are bonded by a strong friendship and chemistry that existed from the beginning. In the heart of these jewels there is love, friendship, professionalism, and respect.

A big hug from Maria Pascual and the whole team.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday.

Don’t forget to tag us with the #mariapascualbydulceida hashtag so that we can see the character and personality with which you shine your light on the collection.

“The jewellery on your skin will become the attitude you need to face your day to day”

Maria Pascual

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