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Happy Thursday friends; today we are going to review the latest novelties at Maria Pascual. 

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The first novelty is a new version of a jewel that you already know. We love chains, and we know you do too, it is a jewel that little by little has become a “must”. 

We can wear them in any season, and in this cold season they are perfect to wear them with blouses, sweaters and turtlenecks.

The fact is that we have launched the “XL” versions of classic and emblematic Maria Pascual chains. You can find them in two sizes, the usual and the XL extra long :)

Lace Necklace; this beautiful chain has a fine and elegant design. It is wrapped around itself.

Deco Necklace“; this spectacular chain is engraved with motifs. 

Chain Necklace; designed with thin and light links.

Plain Chain Necklace“; this chain is undoubtedly the one that carries the title of basic, closet essential. It is thin but strong.

Combine them with your shop online 2

Horoscope necklaces are back in stock. You know we love the energy that everything around us projects on us. The moon, its phases, and of course, the day we were born. Carrying your horoscope with you is like carrying your amulet. They combine perfectly well with XL chains or if you prefer, you can wear it alone.

On the day of privacy, you have a gift!

I already mentioned in the title, we have a gift for you. Today is the international day of information privacy. And the fact is that despite the current visibility, networks, … The decision of what you show or not, is always yours. So to support and give greater visibility until now that seems to us significant we are going to put in a small gift in your order.

From today until January 31st we will give you a free cover to close your webcam. You can use it in the device you prefer and whenever you want. They are adorable, and we think it is essential that each of us are aware and protect our privacy in the digital environment. We hope you like it :)jewelry shop online

There will be one cap in each order so run and get your new XL size chains and your horoscopes. By the way, when you add your chain to the cart be sure to choose the size you feel like wearing. The M or the XL, you have the detailed measurements and in the pictures you can see how each one looks like.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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