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Bye-bye Multi Cross…

Happy Thursday! If we were told in January 2017 that we were going to post this news today, we probably wouldn’t have believed it. At the beginning of 2017, Maria Pascual designed one of the most iconic jewelry pieces; the Multi Cross necklace.

Maria Pascual decided to create a special and different necklace in which the cross was the main element.

She was clear about what she wanted and that was to merge all her ideas to get the cross that would represent everything she wanted to convey. In that decision-making process in which she discarded ideas and designs, she stayed with three beautiful crosses. Without knowing what to opt for, she was clear, the Multi Cross necklace would be formed by 3 beautiful and different crosses.

The Multi Cross necklace is made up of 3 crosses of different sizes and designs. One of them has a zirconia embedded in it and you can choose the chain in gold or silver.

It was certainly a bit more than risky but Maria Pascual was clear about her vision and the item was launched. It was and has been a success since then. One of the pieces to which we have a special affection for. It has brought us joy, surprise, and also tears, I guess like all special things in life.

Making room for new items

To move forward, sometimes we have to let go even though it brings a little sadness along the way. For us, Multi Cross will always be a unique and special piece. A jewelry piece that marked the fate of Maria Pascual, turning the brand into a pioneer and visionary of trends.

I’m going to be frank, now you can find thousands of copies out there, but we can be more than proud that we were the brave creators who launched this risky necklace.

Yes, we know copies and replicas are something that is out there but because of our philosophy we have to fire Multi Cross. Maria Pascual is different from other brands because of the quality of materials, the design and passion placed into every item, and above all, Maria Pascual takes risks. We like getting ahead of trends, and we want to keep doing that for you, Multi Cross leaves, but we will surprise you with other unique and incredible items.

We did it, we launched something new and unique, but now our dear necklace is no longer the piece it was, and we want to remove it with the honor it deserves.

Do not miss out on your very own Multi Cross, the original

Don’t worry, if you don’t have it yet, you have time to get a hold of it. There are still some pieces left but remember that we will never replace them again. So take advantage and get the original Multi Cross necklace and give it to someone special.

Go get it here.

Some leave and others arrive

Behind each closed door is another open, and as I said we are working to surprise you again and again. At the moment I share with you some new Maria Pascual jewelry pieces. They are already available to purchase in the store.

Eternity Bracelet and Eternity Ring

A beautiful set perfect to complete your Christmas look.

Lion head ring
This ring has been one of the most demanded, and we finally have it for you.

Polar earrings
Fine pendant earrings ideal to wear daily or on the most special days.

I say goodbye another week and as always: Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday. ☺

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