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We keep pushing and fueling the MPFights movement with the creation of new charity jewels. With them, we are contributing to those social causes that need everyone’s help. Will you become part of the change?

Have you ever felt that you have to return to the world the gratitude you receive on a daily basis? We are aware that we are very fortunate to have a platform with visibility in social networks and a community that enjoys what we do. We the duty to leverage this privileged position and our loudspeaker to contribute to leave the world a better place.

We are a brand who’s committed to our people and, in fact, proximity is part of our DNA. As a result, a year ago we launched the MPFights initiative: a movement with which we raise funds for those social causes that affect us closely or with which we empathize. It has been very well received by all of you, and we truly appreciate it. In fact, our hearts fill with joy and gratitude every time we receive messages from customers who are directly affected by the causes we contribute to.

For you, for us, for those who are struggling, we will continue to promote and fuel MPFights through the creation of new charity pieces. Will you join us?

Introducing Cancer Charm 

We still have a long way to go in the battle against cancer. That is why we want to ensure the well-being of those facing this disease. It is cruel, hard and sometimes takes the best of people who suffer from it. 

October is a particularly significant month in the fight against cancer. October 19, International Breast Cancer Day. Did you know that one in eight women is at risk of breast cancer in her lifetime? A disease that, unfortunately, many of you have experienced firsthand, either through family members, friends or because you have personally faced it.

In the images, the Cancer Charm. A charity piece sold at 29€ whose entire net proceeds will go to AECC.

We considered that this was the right month to reposition ourselves in favor of the battle against cancer. Therefore, we have launched a new piece to add to Maria Pascual’s charity jewelry. The Cancer Charm is a piece whose sole purpose is to raise as funds for the AECC, the Spanish Association Against Cancer. Unlike bracelets, this Charm is a timeless piece that you can keep for a lifetime and treasure it. It will become a war medal that symbolizes your commitment to MPFights in its quest to mitigate cancer.

This month, #SacaPecho

In addition, this 2021 the AECC ( has started the #SacaPecho campaign on social media. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness about the vulnerability and inequality among women in the face of this cancer in order to improve their lives. It is for this reason that all funds raised this month will go entirely to specific actions that tackle breast cancer.

Cancer doesn’t rest. Therefore, this Charm will be available throughout the year while stocks last. The obtained net profits will be destined to the Association to finance cancer research, diagnosis and treatment projects.

Finally, we want to emphasize that your help is important and, now, it is essential.

Together, we are stronger, we are unstoppable, we are an army. Together, we fight. Join the fight against cancer!

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