Join the cause: #MPFights Against Loneliness

MP Fights Against Loneliness / MP Fights Contra La Soledad

This week we launched our latest #MPFights solidarity initiative – are you up for discovering its story?

We are approaching August, the equator of summer and one of the most exciting times to go out with our loved ones, improvise plans and feel alive. But, can you imagine a summer without anyone’s company, alone and isolated at home? Loneliness is a feeling that can provoke fear and uncertainty on many of us, and that’s what we want to talk about in today’s post.

In particular, we adress the problem of unwanted loneliness in the elderly. This week, we have launched a new solidarity initiative from MP Fights to fight against this problem that is so prevalent in society.

MP Fights: Let’s change the world together!

At Maria Pascual, we are committed to making a positive impact on the world. Involvement and being close to people is part of our DNA and that is why we enjoy having a real contact with the issues that concern us on a daily basis.

As a brand with a platform with some visibility in social networks, we want to return all the gratitude we receive and continue to support solidarity initiatives through MP Fights bracelets. If you are unfamiliar with this initiative, they are bracelets whose full profits are donated to causes that we are involved with as a team to help make the world a little better with our two cents. Therefore, we believe that with the MP Fights and with the strength of everyone we can make a difference.

Loneliness in the elderly, a long-forgotten problem

Did you know that, in Spain, more than two million elderly people live alone and are therefore at risk of social isolation? Due to loneliness, old age has become one of the longest and hardest stages of life for many people who live with a lack of social relationships. In addition, feeling lonely has a very detrimental impact on their health, which increases vulnerability.

We believe it is a real problem and, therefore, at Maria Pascual we have partnered with Amigos De Los Mayores to create the MP Fights Against Loneliness, a bracelet that adresses unwanted isolation. The entire funds raised from this bracelet will go to the organization and you will be contributing to its mission: to rewrite old age through the collaboration of volunteers who emotionally accompany the elderly who live alone. In this way, they manage to bring light into their lives and receive daily companionship for conversation, walks or help with household chores. In this time spent with the volunteer, the person breaks his or her routine of loneliness and isolation and enjoys quality companionship. Little by little, a bond of affection and trust is established and a friendship is formed.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Not only that: Amigos De Los Mayores organizes fun socialization activities in which they create networks of contacts to increase the participation of the elderly, make friends and underline their social value. In this way, they get them out of their homes to attend workshops, parties (when possible!), or activities and find a moment to break their loneliness and rediscover the illusion of creating real bonds with people.

Wanting to change the world may seem utopian. But there is something we can all believe in: the will to contribute to improving the world with our solidarity and generosity. And you, will you join the MP Fights Against Loneliness initiative? Together, we can make a difference!


The MP Team.

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