Jewels to gift on Christmas (and excel at it)

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Finding the right gift is no easy task. In fact, we could even label it as an (almost) impossible mission. Therefore, here you have the ultimate list of jewels to gift on Christmas – and excel at it.

The art of gifting

We’re in the final stretch of the Christmas campaign. It’s a time that splits us in two teams: on one side of the ring we find those who are excited about the lights and gifts and, on the other side, all the Grinchs who see it as a time to get over with – or dodge it as best they can.

However, even if you’re not a diehard fan of Christmas and therefore all the pop culture that surrounds it, the holiday season always stirs up a warm feeling. Even if the flame of love around this time doesn’t shine with the same intensity in everyone, I think we share a mutual feeling. It’s a magical time when society puts everything aside to spend time with their loved ones, be it family, friends or that special someone. The world stops a little bit and, as in a small bubble, only those people sitting at the table who are sharing such an intimate moment of absolute connection with you matter.

And, of course, gifting is part of the equation. At Maria Pascual we’re absolute Christmas lovers, but we can’t stand the “last minute” stress! I don’t know how we manage it: year after year we promise ourselves that we won’t leave it till the end but, as expected, we never keep our promise. It’s something that 90% of the population has in common, I’d venture to say.

If you find yourself in this situation… don’t panic! We’ve got the ultimate Gift Guide with jewels to gift on Christmas to come out on top – and make even Santa proud.

Jewels to gift on Christmas

For the most classic

Little Drop Necklace and Stone Earrings.

Some people are very loyal to their everyday jewelry. Simple pieces that don’t attract too much attention but are nevertheless a fundamental part of their closet. Look closely at what they usually wear: rings, necklaces, earrings? In this case, the best thing to do is gift a versatile and timeless piece they can match with the rest of her jewelry without it being the center of attention. For example, the Little Drop White Necklace or the Stone Earrings are two classic and forever pieces that will leave no room for error. Undoubtedly, a gift for life.

For maximalists

Signet Ring Cube and Grand Necklace.

There’s some fashion lovers who think that more is more. We’re talking about eccentric people, who exude personality and love to treasure garments and accessories in their closet that are pure statements of intent. Classic jewelry? No, thank you. Frankly, they’re looking to be fashionable and stand out, so the best option is to take a risk with designs that are a little more eclectic but that don’t compromise on good taste. The Signet Ring Cube in any of its colors, such as fluorescent green, or the Grand Necklace are bets with a lot of presence that can easily become the center of attention.

For the hard-to-gift (and impress)

Drops Necklace and Dainty Chain Ring.

We always have one of those hard-pleasers (or picky, call it what you want) to whom you don’t ever know what to gift. They seem to have everything! Relax, we’ve got an ace up our sleeve – and they’re called Drops Necklace and Dainty Chain Ring. They’re designs that will be worn now and forever, as their timeless nature ensures that they will stand the test of time. Without a doubt, for this type of person we would go for an easy target that will ensure your success.

To express your connection

Constellation Necklace and Horoscope Necklace.

There are people with whom we simply connect. We know all their stories, battles, dreams and fears. Show them you know them better than anyone with a piece that speaks of their personality. The Constellation Necklace or the Horoscope Necklace are pieces that indicate a thoughtful decision – and that you really get them. Since you know all about them, you’ve probably noticed the type of jewelry he or she wears. Choose the style that best suits the way he or she dresses.

For the men in your life

Lace Necklace and Letter Ring.

Can we agree that gifting to a man is often more complicated? There’s the husband who says he’s “already bought everything he wants”. The boyfriend with peculiar tastes (to say the least). The son who magically forgot to send you his wishlist. The brother who insists that, believe it or not, he doesn’t need you to buy him anything. As if that were an option!

Needless to say, Maria Pascual’s jewelry is genderless, designed for any type of person regardless of gender. A versatile chain like the Lace Necklace or an adjustable ring like the Letter Ring with his initial will be bulletproof gifts to get it right and overcome this daunting challenge.

Let them choose

Maria Pascual Gift Cards.

Lastly on our list of jewels to gift on Christmas… not a jewel at all! If you still prefer to play it safe and stay out of the swamp, the Gift Card is for you. It’s ideal for gifting to true Maria Pascual fans who have half (or all) the collection in their jewelry box. The Gift Card will give them the freedom to buy what they really need or want. For you, the satisfaction of having made a good gift. You can choose between the digital version (E-Gift Card) or the Gift Card, available from 60€ to 250€.

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