Jewelry Travel Case Maria Pascual

travel case maria pascual

One of a kind

Today I am here to tell you about a beautiful and super special piece that we love and it is not a piece of jewelry . It’s the Travel Case, created by Maria Pascual.

Although technically it is not a piece of jewelry, we have created it with the same passion that we put into all our other items. It has been designed and manufactured from scratch with a lot of love. Besides it being beautiful it is also practical, useful, functional, manageable and comfortable.Jewelry Travel Case Maria Pascual

A jeweler with the house seal

When we started with the design of the Travel Case we wanted it to be fulfilling the mission of having it fully represent Maria Pascual as a jeweler, and that’s exactly what we have done, we embodied the philosophy into the Travel Case.

√ Logo color; The Maria Pascual box is a beautiful magenta tone that blends perfectly with the golden zipper. It is fine, casual and elegant. A nice detail is a small pom pom at the end of the zipper.

√ 100% vegan; We wanted the Travel Case material to be environmentally friendly, which is why it is made with fake leather. Its interior is plush to protect and cushion the jewelry pieces, thus preventing them from scratching or spoiling. When you buy one you will see that the Travel case is protected with a 100% recyclable cardboard.

Perfect size

The interior is perfectly designed so that you can store and transport all your jewelry and at the same time they stay neat and organized inside the box. There is a specific space for 3 necklaces, another for 10 earrings and another for several rings (depending on their width). The size of the Travel Case is 9.5cm x 9.5cm x 6.5cm

Customize your Maria Pascual jewelry box

You can also customize your Travel Case with your initials. This is the perfect idea to give a unique, special, and personalized gift.

How to use my Travel Case

You can use it to travel and transport your jewelry but the design is so beautiful that it looks perfect on the bedside table or on the dresser, making it a great place to store your Maria Pascual jewelry at home too. It also weighs nothing.

Its maintenance is very simple, you clean it with soft suede. If you already have it, I hope that you enjoy it. And if you don’t have it yet, run for it.

Thanks for being here, I will see you next Thursday!

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