Happy Thursday! How are you? We are undoubtedly delighted with these fashion weeks everywhere. We love this time of year when everything is new and new trends. And for that, we are going to pay tribute to these trends.

Catwalks that set trends

 Since fashion week began we have wanted to be very attentive to all the novelties that were presented. In fact, we have had many ideas for the fall. And in part we wanted to do a bit of background of everything that happened and that you help us to finish outlining certain issues.

Since fashion week has started so much in Milan, Madrid and right now 080 in our city of Barcelona, we have not taken our eyes off all the brands. The use of fabrics such as tulle, vaporous fabrics and with a lot of volume has caught our attention. We always like to review and review the catwalks, they are pure inspiration.


Pret à porter jewelry

One of the ideas that has most excited us has been to wear jewelry as a chain body. You may not be very familiar with the concept, but as soon as we give you an example, you will fall right away. The first to be seen were through our favorite models like Gigi and Bella Hadid. They used them as a decorative way or belts with the bikini. Jewels that ran through her body and that gave a different touch to the garment that we use the most in summer.

What we did not expect is that it would become autumn accessories. In fact, one of the best ideas to dress them is over t-shirts, dresses and in the form of a bra as we can see in different brands that are already being sold.


How to combine them with Maria Pascual jewelry

As we know that you like trends, new ideas and innovation, we want to show you how to combine them with the jewels of your jeweler.

To wear them as a charm over the garments, the best idea is to take several chains that you have and put them on with the closures. This will give you the possibility to give your jewelry a different use and get double the benefit of it.

If instead, your style is more classic, you can use them as a belt. The simple chains, bathed in gold that dress our necks so well, let’s chain them (pun intended) and give them one more use. That dress that lacks a detail, or even a total white or black look can change with a simple detail.


You are part of our team

Since we found out about the trend, we have had the idea of implementing it in Maria Pascual, always maintaining the style of the house casa

Give it here, we take the opportunity to call you and get your opinion. Would you like to find this type of jewel in Maria Pascual?

Leave it in the comments, we would love to read you and know what you think about it.

You know that for us your opinion is fundamental. Therefore, we always design being faithful to our style, but thinking of you. And this time it could not be less, it is quite a shocking novelty and we want to know what you think.

I thank you in advance for your time.

We believe in inspiration and art and for us on our channel to help, excite, please and change things.


Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)



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