Happy Thursday! How is this beginning of September going? We with many ideas and projects in hand, so very happy. The truth is that we are very grateful considering the situation we have experienced.


Post-lockdown trends that are here to stay

When the confinement started, one of the things we all had to do, yes or yes, was to adapt to the situation. It was a new situation, none of us had experienced something like this so far so we had to accept it and adapt. But not everything was bad far from it, you know, even in the worst situations you can get positive things.

One of them was undoubtedly creativity. From minute zero, music, literature, art, cinema and series became our best allies. In fact, what many previously did not give importance to, it became the engine of society.

With all this, new fashion trends also appeared. Whether it was to change our look and see ourselves differently, or to try new outfits. In addition, they also bet on comfort and well-being. So what was most sought after was the combination of style and comfort.

Once the confinement passed, and we were able to start going out, we realized something interesting. Many of the trends that had appeared during the confinement were here to stay! And the truth is that we love it.


Tracksuit is the new black

The tracksuit has been the trend of the year par excellence. For a lifetime, these types of garments have been anything but glamorous. Since it was used sometimes like playing sports or going home. But over the years it has changed completely.

Since the yoga era began strong, many brands began to bring out more beautiful outfits. We no longer had to dress badly to go to the gym. Enough looking sweaty, tousled, and tomato-red to add an ugly look. So although exhausted, the styling is great.

Little by little, this trend was added to our cabinets. And thanks to confinement, we have known a new way of wearing our looks. Brands we revere like “The Frankie Shop” or “The Pangaia” brought out the top tracksuits on the market.

In fact, even multinational brands such as Zara have launched a new “New Comfort” section only dedicated to this type of garment. It wasn’t until then that we realized what a super combination jewelry and jewelry were.


Jewelry and tracksuit A perfect trend?

The answer is definitely YES! In fact, it has become one of the favorite combinations among our favorite fashion girls. While it is true, before it seemed unthinkable. But it is not when you take risks and try new things that you realize the multitude of possibilities that are in the market.

We love to wear it at all hours, whether it be to go have something or even combine it and go to a casual dinner. The jewels give that explosive and radical touch that makes your look something completely different. It has so many possibilities, that it will be almost impossible to find someone who is the same as you. So this is the opportunity to set a trend.


Thanks to outfits like these, we realize how important it is to have creativity and complement. Do not be afraid that something is too “crazy”. You may even change the way you see many things. Even creating something new.

Never miss the opportunity to believe in yourself and your instincts. Let it flow and go for it!


Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)




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