Jewel amulet, the latest novelty of Maria Pascual

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Andalusia, synonym of joy. Even if you have never been there for sure, if you close your eyes you can see and imagine its streets, flamenco dresses… We are in full “Rocio” week. Carts, flamenco dresses, polka dots, polka dots, ruffles, red lips, jewelry, earrings… 

Jewel amulet, the latest novelty of Maria Pascual

Just a day ago it would have started, but unfortunately two years ago we can not enjoy either the Virgen Del Rocio event or the fair, but we have a little new jewel that will transport you to Andalusia just by looking at it.

We know that among you there are a lot of “rocieras” and devotees, so we wanted to pay tribute to this cultural and representative part of our country, specifically the south. Moreover, for the Pascual sisters, Andalusia is also significant, now I will tell you why.

Jewel amulet, the latest novelty of Maria Pascual

Yes, I’m sure you already know that I’m talking about the Virgen del Rocío. For Maria and Carla it symbolizes a lot for many reasons. A couple of years ago they fell in love with the color of the south, its flavor, its smell, its people and from all this combination this beautiful creation was born.

Who does not know the Virgen del Rocio?

The Virgen del Rocio, is undoubtedly a super amulet full of history and beauty.

For the Pascual sisters it symbolizes sisterhood, love, friendship, beautiful people and unconditional support.

And it’s all about Rocío; we have already introduced her to you in another post. Our Rocío. She is much more than Maria Pascual’s distributor in Seville, she is a friend, a light, a home. 

In the worst moment they had to live she reached out her hand, her arm and made them fall in love with the good people and the magic of Andalusia.

Jewel amulet, the latest novelty of Maria Pascual

A guardian angel jewel

It is a beautiful necklace composed of a chain from which hangs a medallion with the Blanca Paloma, better known as Virgen del Rocio. It has sparkling white crystals. Likewise, it is precious and is a symbol that will accompany and shelter you in your best and worst days. You can get it here. (link)

We hope and wish that you like it and that it becomes a jewel full of strength and energy. We are pleased to have it in our jewelry family.

Thank you for always being here, See you…

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