It’s our birthday!

Maria Pascual blows out candles on April 19th

Happy day, how are you? Around here quite adapted to the current situation, we comment again that our online store is still open. 

We are pleased and want to take this opportunity to thank you, as you are part of this happiness. Both the solidarity bracelets and the contributions to do our bit in the fight against Covid-19, have been very well-received. THANK YOU to all the collaborators!

Maria Pascual’s birthday in style

As you saw in the title, it’s our birthday. And it’s none other than super boss Maria Pascual‘s birthday.

If you’ve been following us for a while, I’m sure you’ll know to celebrate it in style.

It is true that the situation this year is quite different, and although this does not make it easy for us we will not stay without celebrating with you.

By the way, if it’s your birthday these days, celebrate it! Make your favorite breakfast, take the day off and treat yourself. Remember that the online store is still open.

We have a special gift for you. 

How can we not enjoy a party in our Showroom, for now? Between the 17th and 19th of April you can get all the jewelry you want from Maria Pascual with a 25% discount*

In addition, with the first thousand purchases we will give away a pop socket for your mobile phone. You can choose from 3 colors.

So, that the discount is applied to your purchase. Don’t forget, add the happy25 coupon to your shopping cart.

We will celebrate it again...

As I mentioned before, you can get any Maria Pascual jewel (except the Last Chance category) but you might miss a piece. With everything that’s going on, we’re missing some jewels that won’t be available. But don’t worry, when all this happens, we’ll repeat. You deserve a big celebration, and we’ll give it to you when the situation allows us.

A special gift for you, for your family and friends.  

Take advantage of the discount and treat yourself to a piece of jewelry.  You can also surprise someone. Imagine they ring the doorbell and someone brings you a mysterious package? Mysterious because you didn’t ask for it… You open it and it’s a box with a Maria Pascual jewel.

Take advantage and since we can’t shake, hug, kiss and touch our loved ones, surprise someone with a detail like this. I’m sure you won’t forget.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

*Except Last Chance (category with fixed discount)

*Coupon cannot be combined with any other offers.

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