It’s not an I, it’s an us

One of the most important strengths for the success of the brand has always been teamwork, the mutual understanding and symbiosis that exists in our headquarters. At Maria Pascual we value trust, motivation and communication among team members.

Continuing with this commitment with them, last Thursday we scheduled an amazing activity with the Maria Pascual team to get to know each better and build a cohesive team.

Everyone adds up

Behind our jewelry, there’ s an incredible work that makes it possible for you to wear our pieces and for them to be part of your history. In all stages of production, communication and distribution, there’s a talented and dedicated team that’s in charge of one part of the process. None is more important than the other: if one fails, the rest would be affected.

From design and crafting of the jewelry, marketing and storytelling behind each piece, logistics and customer service. Each department is indispensable to make sure your needs are always met. Everything, absolutely everything, is an essential piece of the mechanism that allows Maria Pascual to continue offering you quality jewelry with meaning to inspire your story.

It’s a strange sensation to see colleagues outside of work, outside of the natural habitat in which we are used to seeing each other. We bring out other sides of ourselves that we may not show at work. Sharing personal experiences creates a relaxed atmosphere that helps strengthen the bonds between us. At Maria Pascual we are a team, but we strive to become a family so that when we go through periods of extreme pressure, we can help each other not to give up.

The best burguers in town

On Thursday we arrived at Maria Pascual headquarters and, after preparing your orders so that they arrived on time, doing a little impromptu shooting and taking care of our daily tasks, we started the team building! We left at lunchtime and set off to VICIO to get our food (which, by the way, are our neighbors!).

Images from the Maria Pascual team at VICIO Barcelona – 21/10/21.

We were impressed with the quality of the burgers, they are on a whole other level! The clear and absolute winner that has become the obsession of the whole team? The Truffled Cheeseburger. Believe us: you need to taste it and register its flavor on your taste buds. Unbelievable.

Moreover, the space breathes Gen Z: the immediacy, the technology, the decoration, the whole VICIO experience is designed to the millimeter to make it unique and unforgettable!

Between canvases and paintings

After so much food (we ended up very full) we needed a relaxing activity that didn’t require a lot of energy. We were lucky that we chose to spend the afternoon painting and not in a scape room, we would have quickly given up with the mindset we were in!

The place we chose for the painting workshop was Art&Wine, an independent venue where, as the name suggests, the main activity is painting and drinking wine. So simple – and entertaining. We found the Art&Wine team to be attentive, very pleasant and patient (the latter was important, as Maria Pascual’s team is not generally known for its artistic talents!).

Images from the Maria Pascual at Art&Wine Barcelona – 21/10/21.

We started with the sketch of the painting we had decided to recreate following his indications and, once we had it done, we began to give our personal touch to the piece. The results were truly diverse, although we expected them to be much worse at the beginning. Thanks to his advice on colorimetry, oil mixing techniques and so on, we painted some (quite) decent pictures in between glasses of wine.

In addition, we were very excited when one of the Art&Wine employees recognized us and confessed that she had been a fan of Maria Pascual for years. She had seen Maria in one of the many markets she did in the past and, from that moment on, she became a follower of the brand.

Maria still gets as excited as the first day when someone confesses that they love the jewels she designs. But what she enjoys the most is when they tell her that they never take them off, that it was a very special gift or that they have accompanied them in very important moments of their lives.

I think we can all agree that all companies should carry out team building activities to motivate them, to make them feel proud of what they achieve together or to listen to them. Undoubtedly, at Maria Pascual we’ll continue to support this type of initiatives that give us the opportunity to forge strong bonds, listen to them and treasure unique moments like the ones we shared.

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