International Women’s Day 2021

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Happy Thursday, this week I didn’t have to think too much in my head to come up with the title because next Monday the 8th is International Women’s Day. And it is no small thing. 

It is not about feminism or machismo, but about respecting and valuing the attributes of each sex, of each identity. And forgive me, but being a woman is no small thing :)

The interesting thing about this day is that it can be celebrated and approached from several prisms because behind the word woman there is a person: worker, fighter, entrepreneur, mother, and a long list.

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From Maria Pascual we wanted to emphasize this day accompanying and supporting women who suffer daily in silence and out loud because unfortunately besides being mother, fighter, entrepreneur behind the word woman we also hear: abused, mistreated….

And today, as we have done on other occasions we want to approach these women, those who need help, support, a shoulder to cry on and empathy to move forward.

Together against gender violence

As you know, we have long collaborated with charities to help to accompany groups that suffer. Considering that many will not celebrate International Women’s Day and will spend it in tears, we have to join forces, don’t you think?

We have designed a pink cardholder ideal for you to carry all your cards well organized and for the purchase of each one of them we will donate €10 in full to the Ana Bella Foundation. They accompany and help women who suffer gender violence. Click here to buy yours and give another one to a special woman in your life, if you look around you, there are sure to be many! Give a gift, give yourself and help :) 

You have until March 8th to collaborate.

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If you want to add something to your cart, it has to be this!

If you want to give yourself or a gift of jewelry, I have a new item that you will love. Sweet, strong, elegant and exceptional.

And taking advantage of the approaching International Women’s Day is perfect for you to give yourself a little tribute and to surprise a special woman. 

Besides, I propose you something, look for a jewel woman that you have neared you and give her a gift.

But meditate well, sometimes when we think of women who accompany and nurture us every day we think of our mothers, best friends, … Yes, of course they are perfect women to give, but surely, you pamper them on many occasions. 

Search, search some more and find that woman who will surely remember this gift for a lifetime. A co-worker who is always there when you need her, your sister who I’m sure you are in between fights daily, but without her, you die, or maybe you have someone working at home to help you with the kids, with the cleaning. That woman! Surprise that one. When you see her face you’re sure to feel it’s the best gift invested. I show it to you here, it is 3 stone ring, a ring for the little finger with 3 stones. One big one and two others that go with it. 

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Women who accompany you

Although designers and creators like Maria Pascual are inspired by many elements to create jewelry, the truth is that each of us give them the value and meaning we feel.

Do you know what I saw in this ring? The big stone is a big, important woman, the most important, that is me. And next to it two stones of two great women who accompany me :), And what inspires you this jewel?

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :) 

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