Happy Thursday! How is the week going? We in the middle of November, our favorite month of the year. Working non-stop and looking for new releases, projects, finalizing details for the end of the year … come on, a non-stop!

Finalizing details for the holidaysalt="In-november-the-most-expected-launches-alive"

How quickly time passes! And this year even more. It seems like we went to sleep in March and woke up a little flustered recently. But if something is clear to us, it is that we must not let a single second escape. Even if things are as they are, it is important to enjoy as much as we can. The whole situation that the coronavirus has brought us has really been tough.

But on the other hand we believe that it has shown us the true meaning of the here and now. That there is no use working for the future if we do not carve out a good present. Carpe Diem is increasingly on the agenda.

A month is approaching full of Christmas lights, incredible decorations, super delicious foods and reunions. Either live or online. It is a truly magical moment. You breathe in the air, that different spirit that surrounds the month of December.

Latest news of the monthalt="In-november-the-most-expected-launches-alive"

We couldn’t let the blog post Thursday go by without showing you the latest news. So we have made a compilation of the releases of the month. There has been a bit of everything, pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings. There are exactly 6 super novelties and they are the following:


Plain Chain Necklace Small: The classic chain par excellence. Yes, it could be understood as a basic. But in reality it is much more. It is the perfect example of “less is more”. But it certainly gives your neck a completely different look.

Bee Necklace White: A nice tribute to bees. And it is that, although many are scared on a daily basis, in reality we all love them. Those colors and the essential need they represent for our planet. In this case it is a detail in a pendant, in the shape of a gold-plated bee with brilliant zircons. Getting a very sweet look is possible with it.


Plain Chain Bracelet: The classic Plain Chain Necklace made bracelet. It can be worn alone or combined with any other. Since being simple and sober it combines with everything. It is perfect for any occasion and will give your wrist a different touch.


Smiley Face Earring: An earring with our quintessential emoji. A full-fledged happy face as a charm. A combination between a gold-plated earring and the brilliant zircons that form the drawing. An increasingly necessary good vibes transport us.

Bee Earring: This earring hottie has arrived in the collection. It has the same charm as the necklace. The gold-plated bead in the shape of a bee with sparkling zircons. Combine it with different options and add a little color.


Double Open Ring: The simple ring that will create a new María Pascual classic. We love it because sometimes the simplest thing can become something very special. That is the magic of jewelry.

Prepare your gift list

And enjoy doing it. A precious time is approaching in which to make a list of what we want to buy, what we want to order and what we want to give away. With these ideas that we have given you about the launches, we hope to leave in you that seed of illusion for the time that is approaching.

And if you dare, try something different, something new. That will give you a new vision and perspective on things. It could be a different dish, a book on another subject that you usually read, a new language. Why not? Or a daring jewel.

In Maria pascual you will find classics, trends and pieces for all styles and tastes.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)


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