How to store necklaces to avoid tangling

How to store necklaces to avoid tangling

With our tips, learn how to store your necklaces to avoid tangling and how to untangle knots. Proper storage of your necklaces can help avoid tangles and, consequently, extend the lifetime of your favorite pieces.

Surely you too have gone through the terrible process of having to untangle one of your necklaces. It’s especially frequent (and exasperating) that this happens at the most inconvenient time, like when we’re in a hurry. No one likes having to sit down to untangle necklaces in the morning before going to work. It’s an investment of time (and effort). Such a nightmare!

We’ve often skipped wearing necklaces for the simple fact that they’re all tangled up. We’re about to solve that: we want you to get the most out of your necklace collection so you can wear them every day to jazz up all your outfits!

And yes, tangles are the only downside to wearing multiple necklaces together. When we wear a layered look of necklaces, chains can get tangled throughout the day. This is because we touch them, move around, put them on… we can’t sit still!

In the image, Paula wears the Plain Chain Necklace Small, Hamsa Hand Necklace and Constellation Necklace.

It’s complicated to prevent, of course. What we can help you avoid is getting your chains tangled when you’re not wearing them. Storing your necklaces correctly can help you avoid tangles and, consequently, prolong the lifespan of your favorite pieces. We have several tips, choose the one that best suits you and your lifestyle. Discover our expert tips and learn how to store necklaces tangle-free.

How should you store necklaces to avoid tangling?

Uses organizing trays

There are hundreds of designs and options when it comes to tray organizers. Ideally, each necklace should occupy a space on the tray so they’re placed individually. If the tray is lined with a nice, smooth fabric, it’ll be ideal so that your necklaces don’t get chafed from rubbing against each other. If you don’t have room on your tray, as long as you lay your necklaces flat you shouldn’t have any tangling problems.

Add a special jewelry box to your collection

The best type for storing necklaces are stands, as they’re vertical and chains don’t get tangled. Be careful not to expose jewelry to the sun, as the sun can deteriorate jewelry with long exposure to light. Closed jewelry boxes also protect from dust, so they’re a great option if you don’t want your pieces to be in contact with it. In addition to organizing your necklaces, they’ll be a beautiful decorative element for your room or dressing room.

In the image, Paula wears the Crystal Choker, Shiny Cross Necklace, Guadalupe Necklace Small and Multi Cross Necklace.

Keep the original packaging

The best way to store necklaces is individually, these way you’ll avoid entanglements of any kind. If you have space in your room, keep the original packaging of each piece of jewelry. At Maria Pascual, our packaging is designed to preserve the jewelry as the first day so it always stays intact and shiny.

How do I untangle my necklaces?

Now that you’ve learned how to store your necklaces properly, let’s talk about the hypothetical case in which they do get tangled. Even if you follow our preventative tips, you may at some point find yourself with tangles in your necklaces or chains. If you do, don’t worry: you’re not alone in this war! Whether it’s because we’re lazy to store our necklaces properly or because they fuse around our necks throughout the day, it’s something that can happen at some point (and we need to deal with taking a deep breath).

First thing you must do to undo a knot is to chill down. If you want to do it quickly and without stopping to take the necessary measures, it’s very likely that you’ll end up making a bigger knot (and harder to untangle it).

We have the answer so that you don’t throw in the towel and can continue wearing your chains and necklaces without fear of destroying them among so many little knots that are “impossible” to undo. Let’s get started!

In the image, in order: Scale Necklace Small, Kos Necklace and Deco Necklace.

Get down to business when you have a spare moment, don’t do it before you go to work because you’ll stress yourself out if you don’t have much practice untying knots and you’ll start the day off on the wrong foot (and we don’t want that to happen!). Plus, you might make the tangle bigger.

As a preventive step, remember to handle the necklaces with gentle and soft movements. Be careful, because if you put too much pressure on them, they could break. Better skill than force, always!

Tutorial: How to untangle necklaces

Place your tangled chains and/or necklaces on a flat surface. This way, you’ll be able to make an assessment of how many knots you’re dealing with. Although it may seem like an uphill battle, don’t give up!

Open all clasps of your chains and necklaces, i’tll be much easier to untangle them.

Look for a thin needle that can fit through the knot in the chain and, if you don’t have one, a sewing pin will do. Thin, fine tools will be your faithful allies in winning this battle! We’ll use the needle or the pin to introduce them into the knots, making circular movements until the knot loosens and we can start using our fingers. If you see that it’s complicated with one needle, try with two.

– If you have talcum powder at home and you don’t manage to untangle it the first time, sprinkle a little powder on the knot to loosen it without much effort.

– When you have the knots loosened, find the end of the chain where it meets the clasp and, once you have it, slowly pass the tip through the loose holes repeatedly. Do this as many times as you need, so that each time you have more and more untangled chain in your hand.

With these tips you should have been able to untangle your necklaces without complications. Remember that patience is key and, with practice, you’ll learn to remove knots expertly. Also, if you apply the tips on how to store your necklaces so they don’t get tangled, you’ll prevent them from deteriorating prematurely and you’ll keep them for a lifetime.

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