How to combine your jewelry with your makeup

How to combine your jewelry with your makeup

Happy day, As you have already read in the title we are going to talk about how to combine your jewelry with your makeup. What do jewelry and makeup have in common?

Well, both help us to highlight physical aspects and combined in a certain way, we can get one image or the other.How to combine your jewelry with your makeup

Although I know that with this phrase I repeat myself, I feel that I have to say it. This style guide based on symbology and calorimetry is pure theory. And although obviously applied and put into practice offers great results, only you are the one who decides what to combine with what. You don’t have to follow any rules, but today, we want to talk about some winning combinations of makeup and jewelry.


Choose the protagonists and let’s combine!

It is a basic rule to create the perfect combination. It is used in jewelry, makeup and styling. Always choose a protagonist and it will be much easier to create the complete look. You can also choose two protagonists, for example, the clothes and the red lip, or the clothes and a jewel that you know you want to use. Once you have this clear it will be much easier.


It is not necessary to follow the rule of less, it is more

It is a style rule, which, although it sometimes works, you do not have to follow it to the letter. How to combine your jewelry with your makeupYou can choose for a special occasion a dress and more than one star jewel. A choker, dangling earrings, ring and bracelet.

Too? To your liking. Obviously, the more pieces of jewelry you see, the more striking the look is, the more so if you combine it with extreme makeup.

The case is not so much the fact of wearing many or few jewels and much or little makeup; the important thing is that it combines perfectly. There are simple and neutral looks that are beautiful and you have surely also seen spectacular looks with very striking jewelry and exuberant styles, and they are full of class and style too.


Let’s see some makeup combinations with jewelry

Here are some ideas. As a tip, if you are choosing the complete look for an exceptional occasion, do a pretest. Sometimes we visualize and imagine the result in our head, but when we carry it out, it does not turn out as we expected.

Choose a day at home, quietly and try on your clothes, try makeup and jewelry.


Red lip + Eyeliner + silver jewel

This classic look is youthful, current and has a rock touch. It is feminine and provides security and strength. It is a bold style.

Make up the skin, apply concealer and a touch of loose powder. A little blush and enhance the look with the eyeliner and mascara. Choose a lip red that highlights your skin and eyes. Silver earrings and ring are key in this look, you can also combine with a chain and bracelet.


Nude + golden

Elegance and finesse. Choose a nude and natural makeup, in harmony, in which nothing stands out above anything. Neutral makeup a little blush, shades in mink, cream, taupe, … Intensify the lash line with brown pencil and a good layer of mascara. Lips in nude tone. Use highlighter to highlight light spots. As for the jewels, choose them gold to accompany the look. Depending on the style, you can opt for small rings or large earrings. The dangling earrings combined with a striking necklace are a beautiful combination.


Pink, coral + gold

This combination is feminine and sweet. Choose a makeup in shades of pink or coral. In this look it is essential to apply suntan lotion to the skin and work well on the face volumes with highlighter.

On the lips, you can choose a strong and vibrant color to achieve a look with a risky touch or a more natural lipstick in neutral tone or a gloss for a more natural image. Combine it with gold jewelry; In this look you can not miss necklace, earrings and gold ring. The bronzer and the gold combine perfectly.


What about the mask?

Yes, the mask slightly hides the makeup but not completely, there are also situations in whichHow to combine your jewelry with your makeup you can remove it. Let’s see some tips to wear makeup with a mask.

√ Bet on the eyes. They are the mirror of the soul and you have already been able to see these months, that despite the mask, thanks to the eyes we can smile :)

√ Fixative spray. After putting on your makeup, fix the product with special makeup spray.

√ Choose lipstick shades that do not transfer color. If you choose a strong color like red or fuchsia, apply long-lasting matte shades and fix them with a lip fixative.

You can now put these combinations into practice and see how you feel with each look. And which one do you prefer?

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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