Holy Week, Holy Patience

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Happy Thursday. Don’t tell me it’s not. I think that these last months we have had to work hard on this adjective.

What if, what if, what if not, what if at 20, what if at 17….

This post was going to be about holly week plans, but then I thought, what for? So, I said, better to talk about spring fashion trends to combine with jewelry. But I said to myself, what do you mean, no plans, great plans!

So let’s go with a super mix of plans and trends :)

Holy Week, Holy Patience

Get away for sure

Going on vacation is cool. Traveling, getting to know new places, … But one of the most ideal things about traveling are the hotels and the feeling of freedom. So, I propose two super ideas.

– Rent a caravan. You have never done it? You have to do it. Get a friend, the bestie, or the whole family! Load it up with sweets, chocolates, tasty snacks and whatever you can think of. You can choose sea or mountain. Take the road and look for a special place to spend the night. A unique plan full of adventures.

– Spend a day and a night in a hotel, even if it is in your town. I don’t know why I see this plan more as a plan to do alone and pamper yourself well. But you can also do it with friends, family, partner, …

Even if it’s just one night, change rooms, bathrooms, breakfast at the table… It is truly regenerating! Take light luggage with books and some of your hobbies. A notebook to write, paint or draw, camera, sewing, whatever you want. Enjoy sleeping in an XXL bed, breakfast buffet and a healthy and light dinner in the room.

Treat yourself to peace, silence and an SPA treatment. Even if it’s only 24 hours, you’re sure to come back regenerated.

And even if you carry little luggage, choose it well.

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Spring trends

How ideal spring is, we are starting to wear chokers, shorter necklaces, anklets, rings, maxi necklaces….

Let’s see some key pieces for this season and how to combine them with your Maria Pascual jewelry.

– A classic

The sailor stripes, already immortal in every spring and summer. Get a blouse and combine it with jeans or a flowing dress. They look great with bracelets full of beads, maxi earrings and pinky rings.

– Crochet

How beautiful crochet garments are super warm. The tops are ideal and work great with maxi rings and maxi necklaces. You can also wear this type of fabric in a bag with large wooden handles. The ideal is with maxi necklaces and signet rings.

– Cut cut dresses

These are so ideal that they are cut like a pair of scissors. They are comfortable, fresh and very feminine, as they show little pieces of skin. Combine them with earrings of different styles.

– Two-piece set

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This is a super look, both for going out and going to work. Wide leg pants and blazer or blouse. You can wear it with nothing underneath or with a bra type top. The star colors are mauve, sky blue and mustard. Choose bracelets and short necklaces like these.

Now you know, get yourself a new and comfortable look; a Maria Pascual jewelry to combine the look and treat yourself to your well-deserved vacation. Whether it’s a couple of days or 24 hours, but enjoy it, you deserve it! I have no doubt about it.

By the way, holidays are nothing more than a date on the calendar; if you can’t work these days, then the weekend, and if you work on the weekend and don’t get off until Tuesday, then you leave on Tuesday :)

Thanks for being here, 

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