Happy Thursday! First week of September and looking forward to this new beginning. Because we all know that the year starts twice; in January and September.

Start from scratch

It has always been said that the beginning of the year full of new resolutions is the perfect excuse to start over. And for starters, nothing better than September.

We return from an August vacation, full of energy and having had time to think and relax. And we recognize that without a doubt, it has been a totally atypical summer, but no less special for that.

That for many people, the uncertainty continues. We do not know how things will evolve, events, work and the situation in general. We are in a time full of constant changes and adaptations in all aspects.

However, here we are, eager to face any challenge that lies ahead. Start with new projects and once again, contribute and give everything in our power to improve as much as possible.


A blank canvas

It seems that we are coming to fall suddenly. In fact, it seems that we went to sleep in March and woke up in September.

For many, it has been a few months of standby. Many projects stopped, learning to love in the distance and even enjoying boredom. Although, new projects have also appeared, on-line learning that we had pending to even finish that book or series that we were dying to see.

Now is the time to face this new era with energy and positivity. Each of us must take strong hold of the reins of our life and ride without being stopped by anyone or anything.

There are already those who talk about what will happen this month, the other, the other,… but the only certainty is that we are here, now. And we must enjoy and work hard on our challenges and projects.

You don’t have to miss a single day to be, feel and be. How we manage our days is in our hands.

As you know, we have not been standing around here :)

And to show a button, here I present some of our delicacies.


News that you cannot miss

What would be a Thursday without news? There has been little. Today I present you 3 ideal pieces to wear in your fall looks. For work, for the university and for virtual meetings :)

Antique Hoops Small: One of Maria Pascual’s favorites, now in mini and to be combined. The braided touch gives it a totally different air to the classic earrings. They are so cute!

Double Tube Ring: A new slim, elegant but powerful model. It is ideal to combine with a thick maroon turtleneck sweater. Without a doubt, a ring to show off.

Triple Open Ring: The top of the tops. A spectacular design in which Maria Pascual has created a balance between the classic and the sophisticated. It is a very special jewel, with balance, that will combine perfectly with your autumn dresses and boots.


Combine and nothing stops you 

One of the things we like the most is combining and mixing. Without fear, your style.

Combine rings, earrings, colors and textures.

The warm colors of autumn will soon appear and with them gold goes wonderfully.

So make an appointment at the hairdresser and get a makeover, cut your ends or get a super hydrating post-summer treatment.

Give yourself some autumn garment and add the new jewels that I just presented. You will be ready for autumn to arrive!

I said, that nothing stops you. You at your own pace, but always with enthusiasm, enthusiasm and projects in your backpack.

We hope to see you this coming Thursday with more desire to eat the world than ever! A situation like this is not always lived, let’s take advantage of it.


Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)


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