Goodbye 2020

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So, without further delay, we will be standing up at the end of the year. It’s funny because although we can’t control time or speed it up or slow it down, everything comes. And today I’m typing with nostalgia, joy and the happiness that comes with every end of the year.
It would not be fair if we only take stock of the situation with the COVID-19. It is true that it has been a hard year, very hard. For some more and for others less, but undoubtedly, a unique year for all of us until what we have lived. The COVID-19 has also brought us good things and outside it, we have also had and lived wonderful things.
Many launches had to be stopped, but hey, going over all the news of this year … not so bad!Goodbye 2020, jewelry online shop

Maria Pascual’s 2020 calendar

I wanted to make a small tribute to all the news of this year, which have not been few!

January of crystal and color

We start the year with “Circle Necklace”; beautiful necklaces with colored crystals. They were a success and filled the jewelry boxes with color.

Murano February

We followed the year with a super challenge, as we had never worked with Murano glass before. We launched the “Crystal Necklace” and “Crystal Earrings”. Beautiful necklaces with matching earrings. We recommend choosing their color according to your personality.

Solidarity March

It’s funny that when I look at this calendar now, I see that the month in which everything that came to us began coincided with the month in which we started the solidarity projects. We started with the victims of cancer and continued with many others. You turned to our thread bracelets for profit.
In addition, amidst the chaos we launched our individual earrings with emoji charm. Funny, full of joy, color and light.

April by Maria Pascual

It’s the month of the big boss’ birthday :) And despite the situation we decided to celebrate it in style with an incredible promotion. In addition, we replaced and returned the iconic jewels that we had fired as “Multi Cross“.

May of bandits

We launched a very western collection with “horseshoe” and “bang necklace” and “earring”.

Summer June

Another of the super-loved jewels at Maria Pascual, the “World Necklace“, is back. In addition, we launched some laces ideal for wearing in summer with the sneakers. Ah! And individual earrings with enameled charms: the “swan”, the green “Saturn” and the “kiss” among others :)

July in full color

We continue with the color and the “charms”. This time with a delicious and delicate bracelet full of pendants. In addition, we made another collaboration with “Collage Vintage” with some beautiful jewelry.

August renew or die

We had already been implementing improvements in packaging and internally to do our bit in the care and maintenance of the environment, of our planet. This month, we changed the packaging and introduced compostable bags and recyclable cardboard boxes. In addition to the cotton bags.

September of a new reality

Seeing that the theme of the mask was going to be a long one, we jumped in with the chains for the masks. Since it was our turn to wear it, we wore it!

Astral October

To make up for the farewell to the horoscopes, the constellations were added to Maria Pascual’s jewels. These are precious pieces on which we can lean to strengthen our personality.

November of Advent

Although Christmas technically begins in December, we all know that November is the month to get organized, make gift lists and prepare looks for the holidays. We launched the Advent calendar, an absolute success :)

December of happiness

Month of celebrations, of Christmas, of joy, of nostalgia, of closing the year. And with it grew the family of “Smileys” with new members like the multicolored smiling ring.
What a year! What a great year. Could it have been better? Who knows, also much worse?
We wish you had a good year. That despite the bad, the difficult, the balance has been positive. May you have a wonderful, magical and unique New Year’s Eve from all of Maria Pascual’s team.
2021, we are waiting for you.
Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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