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Happy Thursday; spring is nearly here and what better than to welcome it with this great novelty: The Gift Cards! There are many options to choose from, so I’m going to explain in detail how they work :)

The most personalized gift that can exist

If you know that your best friend or your sister loves Maria Pascual, it’s very likely that you’ll give her a piece of jewelry, but if you surprise her with a Gift Card, you’re giving her a gift of choice. And that is a sure hit.

Surely, you already know them, gift cards are cards that contain a certain amount of money. You can use them to buy whatever you want. It’s like paying with someone else’s credit card, the buyer pays :)

buy jewelry online

Choose the mode; physical or online Gift Card

You can choose if you want to have it in digital or physical format. Both options can be purchased online from the website. When you choose it, you define which one you prefer and the amount you want to load on it. There are 5 pastel colors and quantities to choose from. Between €60 and €250.

Which one do I choose?

buy jewelry online

Obviously, it is your decision, but I will tell you the differences between the two, so you can evaluate.

The physical Gift Card arrives to your home or to the address of your choice. It is a beautiful card with its cotton cover and the same box as the jewelry. You can use it to buy from the web and in the physical store we have in Barcelona.

The Gift Card online has a digital format. You will receive an email with the card code and a message that you can personalize as you wish. This email is the one you send to the person you are going to surprise. The online format can only be used on the web. 

Can I buy any jewelry?

Yes! No restrictions, you can buy any of our jewelry and Maria Pascual products. If you buy anything less than the amount of the card, the remaining amount stays on the card, so you can buy anything else whenever you want. Then, if you want something more than the amount you have on the card, you pay with the card and the difference with a credit card.

& If you have to make any changes or refunds, there is no problem, the amount will be credited to the same gift card. And the most important thing is that they never expire.

If you have any questions, please write us, but it is easy to get them. Everything is very detailed in the purchase process.

buy jewelry online gift cards

Mm… Who can I give it to?

Well, any man or woman :) a jewel, a complement is always a perfect gift, but we are going to give you some ideas in case you have forgotten someone who deserves it.

The usual; in this group are friends, girlfriends, mothers, siblings, partners … you know those who are always there.

Coworkers and workers; in the company where you work I don’t know, but here birthdays are always celebrated. Money is collected and a gift is given to the birthday girl. Of course, the birthday girl has to spoil us with Doritos, cookies and sugary drinks :) (a day is a day).

If you’re a great boss, take it out on your team! Give them a Gift Card. Maybe you’re thinking that for Christmas, but you don’t have to. It’s a lovely gesture; plus you can also use them to reward those who achieve goals.

Teachers; whether it’s the school teacher or the English, judo or ballet teacher. It’s a great gift and the perfect way to thank them for the time they spend with the little ones.

They are so beautiful :) we hope that there will be many Gift Cards surprising and brightening the day to many.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

*They are valid on all products as long as they are not subject to promotions or special offers. They can also not be used if you have a discount code during purchase.

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