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Happy Thursday, a week of news. Newly arrived jewelry and a new guide to make your life easier when choosing your ring size.

We know, it’s something you always find difficult. We have already made another post about it, but even so we get almost daily doubts with the subject of the sizes, and we thought it was very appropriate and necessary to dedicate a post to it.

It will be great for you to choose your rings as well as to give as a gift. As you know, we change the size without any problem or extra cost*, but the ideal is to get the size right. Besides, when your Maria Pascual box arrives home, you can’t wait to wear your jewelry for the first time.

buy jewelry online, Get your ring size right once and for all

How to choose the size step by step

It’s simple, you’ll see;

Take a ring of the same size as the one you want to buy.

Take a ruler and measure its diameter. It is easy, it is not the radius, but the diameter, that is, from side to side of the ring.

When you know the millimeters it measures, check the following table. In it, you will see the size number that corresponds according to the mm of the ring.

It is effortless, anyway if you still have doubts, write us, and we will send you the Ring Sizer, so you can know the size without measuring any ring.

If you want to make a gift, get a ring of the person you are going to give and measure it in the same way. If you have many doubts and want to get it right, remember that we have many beautiful Gift Cards to surprise with.

buy jewelry online, Get your ring size right once and for all

New arrivals

We have new additions that you will love :)

You know we love chains, and we know you do too. They are super versatile, ideal to wear alone or combined with many other chains or necklaces. Maria has outdone herself with the creation of these two super special designs. The style of the links are beautiful, plus we have the matching bracelets and that makes them the perfect combo to make a gift.

Milos Necklace; combines washers and links. It is topped with small beads. Finished in gold and with an adjustable chain. Combine it with its matching bracelet.

Hidra Necklace; The links have a fine and elegant weave that gives this chain a unique movement. Its bracelet is this one.

buy jewelry online

And here are the novelties of the week.

If you have any questions when choosing the size of your ring write us, so we can help you.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

*Only within Spain 

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