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Happy Thursday! I’m not fond of using exclamation marks in the titles but this occasion deserves it. Have you read the title well? When I talked to Carla, and she told me that we were going to have 3 days of free shipping I didn’t believe it. And just in time for the month of love, February. A short but intense month, the month that pushes us forward in 2020. What better excuse do you need now to give yourself a gift? 

No minimum order for worldwide shipping

But wait, there is more. You don’t need to place a minimum order to enjoy free shipping. Whether you choose a single item or if you take the opportunity to purchase several items, shipping will be free. Maria Pascual has wanted to have this special deal with everyone because on many occasions, the people on the other side of the pond get left out on free shipping deals. But on these special days, whether you buy from Spain, or from Mexico, you will have your shipping completely free. 

When? For Valentine’s Day?

Well, it will be on the 10th, 11th and 12th of February. Write these dates down in your agenda. Start preparing your cart or writing down your favorite items.

Yes, you can take advantage of Valentine’s Day to give a wonderful gift. It’s not that we don’t love Valentine’s Day, the day of showing your love for someone else, but why not take this opportunity to love yourself as it is just as important. How long have you not given yourself something? Be honest. And I’m not talking about something you need, I’m talking about a gift. A mini luxury for you, for your senses. If you had to stop to think to find in your memory that moment …that’s bad, terrible. So go, do yourself the favor and pamper yourself.

Take advantage and if you are going to give these days to your partner, friend, family member or anyone you love, do not forget about yourself. And now I want to present you some beautiful items that have just arrived that are elegant, fine and spectacular all in equal parts. Take advantage of free shipping and get them.

Murano glass, intense color and fine gold

Doesn’t the combination sounds good? Well, they are the elements that make up this collection of pieces that we have just launched in Maria Pascual. As you know, it is always a challenge to launch any new line, but when we do it with new materials, the challenge is multiplied. This time, we surpassed ourselves and left the comfort zone with Murano glass. It is the best known crystal in the world, it is also called Venetian crystal. In the photos you can appreciate the strength, intensity and energy that these jewels have.

You can get the necklace and the earrings. In addition, the earrings are designed by combining a gold ring from which the Murano glass hangs. You can remove the Murano glass and use the ring alone. Two earrings in one!

You can choose it in color: Black, turquoise, purple and blue.

I say goodbye another week but first I want to remind you: Free shipping worldwide on February 10th, 11th and 12th. Do not miss this great opportunity to give yourself or gift an item. 

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday

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