Evolving to keep growing

This week, we reflect on the direction the brand will take in the coming months and we unveil the new additions to the Maria Pascual family.

We think you will all agree with us that this summer is one of the most awaited in a long time. We are looking forward (and very much so) to enjoy again, as we used to, the improvised plans, the meetings with friends and, why not, to dare with changes and new experiences.

July has brought a lot of changes and news. The MP team is adapting to the new normality that comes with this holiday season. Some of you may be on holiday on the coast, in your beloved villages or maybe you are still working nonstop like us. Because in order to get everything out on time… we can’t relax!

As we said, the brand is in a process of evolution. For us, changes are always positive and help us to learn and continue to grow.

And that being said… Welcome to the monthly-news Tuesday!

In the first picture, Paula is wearing the Signet Ring Cube in green and the Double Flower Ring. In the second, the Butterfly Ring, the Star Ring and the Flowers Ring.

New dynamic

After this atypical year, we have decided to change the dynamics of the weekly news Tuesdays and, from now on, they will be monthly. If you are wondering why, it is very simple. You already know that at Maria Pascual we try to be very responsible in terms of sustainability, and bringing out new products every week is complicated and does not promote responsible consumption. We believe that sometimes it can provoke a bit of anxiety and encourage compulsive buying, so by bringing out all the new products at once you will have time to think about which pieces you are super in love with and want to add to your forever collection.

This doesn’t mean that we are going to stop surprising you… Not at all! Maria Pascual is synonymous with innovation and, to be honest, we don’t know if you’re ready for everything that’s to come!

In addition, this way we give our pieces the place they deserve and we increase their lifecycle. We are quite a fan of the Marie Kondo method of letting go of the old to make way for the new, so we will also expand the Last Chance category with those veteran pieces in our catalogue. So if you have a piece of jewellery on your mind and can’t make up your mind, don’t think too much about it!

In short, from now on, the jewels that will become your new obsession will be released once a month. The next new pieces will be released on 13 July, so mark your calendars if you want to be the first to discover our new collection.

The most awaited pieces are here!

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen a spoiler of the new summer collection. All the pieces are very different to anything we have released to date and we think they deserve their own special space in which to tell the story behind each jewel.

If you ask us what inspired Maria to create this month’s pieces, we would tell you that we wanted to dare with jewellery that you had asked us for a lot and, as always, we have given them the distinctive touch that distinguishes everything we design at Maria Pascual. We think they are original pieces that, in one way or another, evoke summer in its purest form. You will see that we have expanded our ring catalogue, so let’s start with one of the biggest innovations in the category.

Engraved ring sizing

How many times have you wondered what your ring size is? Choosing the size that fits you like a ring can be complicated, especially for those of you who can’t go to one of our stores. And because buying jewellery should be an experience and not a headache, from now on all Maria Pascual rings will have their size engraved on the inside. No more complications: with just one ring you will always know your size!

Signet Ring Cube

Did you know that seals are one of history’s oldest pieces of jewellery? They have been present in various cultures since the Egyptians, the Greeks or the Byzantines; but their original use, as their name indicates, was to seal important documents.

At Maria Pascual we wanted to reinvent this iconic piece by giving it a modern and renewed style in line with the trends of the season. It is a statement of intent with a lot of power. The Signet Cube Ring is an XL style ring with which you won’t go unnoticed and that will end up becoming an emblematic piece in your collection: your seal of identity. We’ve designed it in classic black for the more traditional, but we wanted to go a step further and we’ve ventured into pink, green and blue for those of you who want a stamp with a lot of character and colour to rock this summer.

In addition, we are still committed to inclusivity and genderless fashion, so all men in the MP community will be able to find this ring up to size 22.

In the picture, the Signet Ring Cube in blue, green, pink and black.

Chain earrings

You know what they say… No chain no gain! Chains are a must-have in everyone’s jewellery collection, because their simplicity makes them a versatile accessory that goes with absolutely everything: a classic staple for life. You can wear them with your basic looks to add a touch of difference, but they can also be your differential companion at events and parties. But our Chain Earrings come with a very, very special twist to take them to the next level… We’ll let you in on the secret very soon, so stay tuned!

Paula is wearing the Chain Earrings and the Pure Earrings.

Vintage Love

Have you ever wandered around a thrift shop and found special little treasures? The Vintage Love Ring is not an antique, but it has as much charm as any piece that hides decades of history. It’s a timeless piece of jewellery that will stay with you for years to come and, thanks to its vintage charm, it will be a piece that you can even pass down from generation to generation if you preserve it. We’re sure its romantic design will win you over as much as it did us!

Paula is wearing the Vintage Love Ring.

Butterfly Ring

Has it ever happened to you that, when you saw a butterfly nearby… it seemed as if time stood still? You could be hypnotised for hours and hours looking at its colourful wings. Throughout history, butterflies have been symbols of transformation, renewal and purity. They have inspired writers, poets, singers, artists… and now it’s time for them to inspire you. We know you’ve been waiting for it like crazy and you’re loving the Butterfly Ring as much (or even more!) than the MP team.

Butterflies are a motif that we’ve been wanting to work with for a long time, and in fact you’ve been asking for it nonstop! But it’s only now that we’ve found the perfect design to add to the MP collection. This signet ring won’t fly away: it will stay with you forever and be part of your story.

In the picture, the Butterfly Ring and the Leda Ring.

Daisy Ring and Flowers Ring

We guess you can already sense what has been one of the great muses of this month’s release. Nature continues to be one of the pillars in Maria’s design process, and we felt we needed to give it the importance it deserved.

That’s why we have created the Daisy Ring and the Flowers Ring, pieces that you can find in delicate pastel colours that give them a soft touch that is very on-trend this season. Daisies are a symbol of romantic love (who hasn’t practiced the “he loves me, he loves me not?”), but they can also represent a bond of unconditional friendship.

The Daisy Ring is a signet ring in different pastel colours with an enamel bright daisy in the centre. It has a simple design that will complement any of your looks and will be the star piece. But the Margarita ring doesn’t come alone: it arrives with its sister the Flowers Ring, a duo with which you can feel connected to your most naïve side.

In the pictures, the Daisy Ring in pastel green, the Life Ring and the Flowers Ring in white.

This brings us to the end of this week’s Thursday post. To get your hands on the July releases you’ll still have to wait until Tuesday the 13th, but we hope you’re as excited about this launch as the Maria Pascual team and that you choose the piece that best suits your story. Our jewels, your story.


Team MP.

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