Every story begins with a great name


We reflect on the power of names, elements full of meaning that constitute a part of our most intrinsic essence. In addition, we discover an infallible way to express your personality to the world through your jewelry.

At Maria Pascual we believe that every name tells a story. There may be someone with the same name as you, but never someone who has lived the same experiences. There is only one you, shouldn’t you be proud of it?

The name, such an essential piece in everyone’s life and really one of the few things we carry throughout our lives that can determine how people perceive us. A name defines where we come from, our roots, how we identify ourselves. It is a powerful element that shapes the way show ourselves to the world.

Synonymous with bond

The strength that a name possesses knows no boundaries: it becomes an infinite bond for a lifetime. If you’ve ever worn the initial or name of someone special on a piece of jewelry, you know that this becomes a metaphor and a reminder of your relationship. It’s intimate and personal: sharing your name with someone is a statement of intent that sends a powerful message.

In the image, Jacek wears the Infinity Chain combined with Letter Charms.

At Maria Pascual we believe in sharing these bonds with the world. That’s why we have created Capsule 3: “The power of letters”, a collection of Charms composed of the 26 letters of the alphabet with which you can create and personalize the words or names that you’ll wear as a reminder of those beautiful connections that unite you with the most important people in your life.

Letter Charms are, without a doubt, the epitome of customization. Not only can you wear the initial or name of a beloved one: they turn into a sign of self-love that demonstrates your relationship with yourself. Few things say more about you than your name, so we encourage you to wear it with pride and style to let the best version of you shine through. 

Letter Charms – how to get the most out of them

At Maria Pascual we want to share some ideas on how to take full advantage of the Letter Charms’s potential. Their versatility and infinite options are not limited to their individual use, and so wearing them as an initial (although completely legitimate) is an understatement. Maria Pascual Charms have a special and unique clasp that will allow you to attach them to any of your existing pieces: necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc. The choice is in your hands.

You don’t need a special chain to wear a single Letter Charm representing an initial: you can place it next to any of your necklaces. Do you have a Moon Necklace and would like to personalize it? Easy: open the Charm’s clasp, place it on the chain and wear them together. A simple way to give a new life to the pieces you wear every day.

In the image, the Chain Bracelet combined with Letter Charms.

Possibilities don’t end there. There’s still the fun part to be revealed: combining the Letter Charms and forming words! We won’t play scrabble ( though we could), but the truth is that by having all the letters of the alphabet at your disposal you can create the words and names you want.

Idea 1 – Wear your initial or that of someone special. This is perhaps the most predictable option, but if clichés work it’s because we like them, right? It can be a perfect gift for a friend’s group, for Mother’s Day or for a couple to carry the initial as part of their life.

Idea 2 – Feel that it isn’t enough to wear just the initial to show the bond and affection you hold for a person? As we mentioned before, one of the greatest advantages of Maria Pascual Charms is their incredible versatility and mix and match capacity. Get the letters to create the name of the person you love the most or your own. Who would you always carry with you?

In the image, Naomi wears the Milos Bracelet with Letter Charms.

Idea 3 – Do you remember a trip that marked you forever with particular affection? Maybe you have a favorite city or simply one that you would love to visit. Paris, Menorca, Bali, NY… Letter Charms can help transport you to that place you long for.

Idea 4 – There are thousands of words that hide precious meanings and, now, you can always carry them with you. If we delve into the shared mythology of different cultures, we would discover real treasures. Here are some of our favorite words that you can wear every day as a token of inspiration. 

Ikigai (Iki). A raison d’être, that which makes you get up every morning.

Kilig. What a someone feels when rejoicing over an exciting or romantic experience; excitement, euphoria, gratification.

Lagom. It means neither too much nor too little, just right. It’s a Swedish philosophy that seeks balance in all areas and situations of daily life.

Kefi: A Greek word that encapsulates their life philosophy: joy, passion, euphoria, enthusiasm, exuberance, frenzy.

Hygee: It involves stopping time and leaving aside the rush of everyday life to be with the people you care about or enjoying some alone-time, delighting in a moment of self-love to relax and indulging in the quieter pleasures of life.

Eunoia: A word that comes from ancient Greek that symbolizes the state of having a pure and balanced mind as well as a good spirit. Beautiful thinking.

We want you to claim the power of your name. We want the real you to shine with strength and light of your own, feeling proud of your name. We want you to show the world your bonds with the people who are part of the essence of your life. Letters will be the master key to achieve this.

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