Don’t miss out on the Dulceida Collection by Maria Pascual

Don't miss out on the Love Collection by Maria Pascual

Nature, your everyday jewelry pieces

Don't miss out on the Love Collection by Maria Pascual

Good morning and thanks for being here! There is no way to thank you for the incredible results that the Nature of Dulceida collection has had for Maria Pascual.

When Maria Pascual designs a collection, the main objective is that you like it, that you feel comfortable with each piece, and that you make your own. The Dulceida collection also reflected intimacies, fears, and emotions. Knowing that the union of both you and your piece has pleased you so much, fills us with happiness.

We prepare each order with care and love. When we see you on Instagram wearing the jewelry with so much style, it really amazing amazes us. Infinite thanks.

You make your jewelry unique.

A few days ago, the team was together talking about how incredible it is to see how the same piece of jewelry can have such a different life and feeling based on the person who is wearing it. Because, after all, that is what distinguishes us from each other, our essence.

If you do not have the collection yet, if you have been doubting whether or not to buy a specific piece, just go for it! Remember that it is a super limited collection and when all the pieces have their owner, there will be none left for sale.

Take the opportunity to give a unique gift.

I know that Christmas is still a ways away and I do not intend to get ahead of Corte Inglés, but if you have a friend who is a big fan of the Dulceida, or a sister that loves the Maria Pascual collections, it would be a great idea if you get a unique piece from the Nature collection. Surely the gift will be a great success.

The pieces that succeed

We like them all very much but there is always a favorite, right? I will tell you some team secrets.

The Scorpion earrings are ideal

The Scorpion earrings fascinate us. I personally love it, I don’t know if it’s because my zodiac sign is Scorpio or because of everything it symbolizes. The scorpion is fast, precise and the movement they have when hanging from the thick but fine delicate gold ring fascinates me. Without a doubt my favorite.

Four Stones Necklace

Without a doubt one of the favorite items of the team. The Four Stones Necklace is a super versatile piece, it can be worn with an evening dress or even with leggings and an XXL sweatshirt. It is perfect for both going to a wedding and to wear to work with a printed shirt and jeans. It is a fine, elegant and feminine piece. Also super easy and beautiful to combine.

Snake necklace and snake earrings

This combination seems unique. It is amazing how Maria Pascual and Dulceida have been able to make the snake into such a precious jewelry collection. It’s hard to stop looking at, I think it’s because of the way It is, like it’s moving.

If you want to get yours, click here. And don’t forget to tag us with hashtag #mariapascualbydulceida

Before I say goodbye, I will tell you one last thing. We are super happy because we opened a store in Seville! Yes, finally a store in the south of Spain and what better city than the beautiful Seville. We accomplished this with Rocio Merino. Rocío, thanks for being there and for all we will accomplish together in the future. We are dying to see you go to Sweet Pea and that Rocío with her talent, her grace, love and her closeness, shows you and helps you choose the right Maria Pascual pieces for you. It is a union that means a lot to both Rocío Merino and Maria Pascual, so we have no doubt that you will feel all this love and enthusiasm when you go through the beautiful shop.

I will keep reporting here, and remember that you can also follow the latest news on our Instagram account.

Thanks for being here, we will see you next Thursday!

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