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New precious pieces are incorporated into the family.

Happy Thursday! I have so many things to tell you and I don’t know where to start.

Thank you for the super awesome and unique day we had on Black Friday. I only wish that when you receive your Maria Pascual jewelry package, a piece of love and affection will come to you

Well, now let’s get to the exciting news. We have new jewelry! The head designer Maria Pascual does not stop. I have an article in hand in which I want to tell you firsthand how Maria Pascual is inspired to create her collections, but today I want to talk to you about these incredible designs that you can already acquire from our website.

Pearl Earrings, pearls and gold

Surely by just reading the name you already feel elegance and sophistication. The combination of gold with pearls results in earrings full of style and femininity. But beware, they have nothing typical and traditional. Maria Pascual has chosen a fine interwoven gold chain that holds the pearl. It is a super current pendant earring that matches any look.Baroque Earrings, geometric shapes, gold and zircons. 

These pendant earrings are designed with gold and zircons. No doubt they have a style and personality that makes them unique. Use them for your day to day or for a special event.

Horus necklace

what's new at Maria Pascual

This necklace full of symbolism reflects the prosperity, health, and ability of the human being to be reborn. It is a perfect amulet to always carry with you even combined with other necklaces.

I find it ideal to give as a special gift. This release makes us especially excited because it is a reissue. It is one of the first designs that Maria Pascual had and after many of our clients asking for it, here you have it again for you. If you want to combine it with pieces of the same style, check out our Egyptian collection. You’ll love it.Pearl Earrings, pearls and gold Maria pascual

Combine them and surprise yourself

If there is something that Maria Pascual is clear about when designing new pieces, it’s that she wants them to be versatile, to make them yours, and that you feel comfortable with them. Do the test; Most of the designs, especially those that I present today are ideal with jeans and a turtleneck, right ? Now wear a party dress for new years and see how amazing the items fit. What do you think? Perfect too!

All Maria Pascual jewels (except specific collections) are perfect for all types of situations and events. 

Special Horoscopes 2018horoscope jewelry shop

One of the collections you have asked us for a lot is the Horoscopes collection. Maria Pascual launched it in 2018 and it was widely loved.

Horoscopes mean much more than a month you were born in, it supports your character, your energy, and is the best amulet you can have. 

I have good news, you can see all the rings and necklaces in the horoscope category here. The ring has a fine and strong seal-shaped design and the necklace has a medal format.

The not-so-good news is that when they are sold out, they will not be made again, so take advantage of it and get your Maria Pascual Horoscope collection piece today.

That’s all for the news today! 

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday. 

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