Do you know who will be wearing our jewelry at the long-awaited premiere of Netflix?

You probably already know what show I’m talking about. It’s the long-awaited Netflix, and we’ll have it on our screens from tomorrow. “Valeria.” It belongs to the saga of the writer “Elísabet Benavent”. 

Do you know who will be wearing our jewelry at the long-awaited premiere of Netflix

Valeria, a bestseller 

Elísabet Benavent, a Spanish writer, published her first novel online in 2013, “En los zapatos de Valeria“, which was such a success that it was soon printed and filled Spanish bookstores. It was a bestseller and has sold more than 1 million copies.

A few years later, the protagonist of the novel, makes the leap to the big screen and that thanks to the streaming platform Netflix. 

Spanish miniseries with everyday problems 

Do you know who will be wearing our jewelry at the long-awaited premiere of Netflix

The series with 8 chapters tells the story of Valeria, played by Diana Gomez. This represents a blocked writer who takes refuge in her 3 best friends, played by Silma Lopez, Paula Malia and Teresa Riott.

The cast also includes Maxi Iglesias and Ibrahim Al Shami. It is directed by Inma Torrente and Nely Reguera.

In it, we will be able to see the daily problems like the relations, bosses, work, love, friendship, jealousy, doubts, dreams, …

Some say it has a touch of Sex and the City and Girls, even the writer herself says so. Since while, she was writing her novels she followed the TV series.

The setting chosen for the series is the mythical Madrid neighborhood of Malasaña.

Interestingly enough, Valeria is in love with Maria Pascual 

Do you know who will be wearing our jewelry at the long-awaited premiere of Netflix

We are very excited to be part of this project. The jewels are part of the style, of the image of the person and when the styling team contacted us to have our jewels be part of the series it seemed an incredible idea.

The designs fit perfectly with the character and with what they wanted to transmit through the styling so after sending them some pieces they chose the ones that best suited the main character.

What jewelry does Valeria wear?

I’m sure you are eager to know which jewels Valeria, the main character, wears. 

Well, here’s a preview of the pieces Maria Pascual wears, which you will be able to see and recognize in the series.

World Necklace. This necklace is part of Maria Pascual’s DNA, as iconic and recognizable as the Moon Necklace or the Multi Cross Necklace. Although there is no stock right now, you will have it here again, next month :)

Twist Ring, beautiful gold-plated ring. Wrapped around itself as if it were a rope.

Midi Eye Ring, gold-plated ring inspired by the ancient civilizations. It contains a zirconia. 

Mini Ring Black: The Mini Ring is a very fine and delicate band type ring, topped by a small zirconia. Available in White and Blue version 

Double Chain Ring, another one of our legendary ones. See if you can find them in the scenes, if you do, leave it in comments :)

Photos Credits: @netflixes @betacoqueta

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