Creating Maria Pascual 2.0

Portada Blog 23/12

We bid farewell to 2021 with our deepest thoughts and a message of optimism: Maria Pascual evolves to adapt to the needs of this changing and increasingly digital focused world.

The best definition we have for 2021 would be bittersweet.
It’s been a year of deep thinking, especially in the last few months. We’ve been pondering where we want to go, what we want to convey, what role Maria Pascual plays in your life.

We’ve been dedicated to jewelry, our passion, for almost 9 years. A decade full of learning, successes, achievements and, above all, gratitude for having come this far. Something that, without your constant support, wouldn’t have been possible.

The reality is that in the last two years your (and our) needs, the paradigm of fashion, jewelry and social media have changed. Maria Pascual couldn’t remain unmoved in the midst of a constantly evolving environment.

Therefore, we got on the train of change – and we did it with a vision, illusion and confidence. We’ll never forget where we came from, but we end the year with a desire to transform ourselves.

How will the Maria Pascual of the future look like? Will it have anything to do with the metaverse? We’ve heard so much about it in recent months (and no one really seems to fully understand). It’s, undoubtedly, a complex term and so recent that it’s confusing. Think about it: we’re in the same situation as when in the 1970s people were trying to understand what that thing they called “the Internet” was.

But there’s one thing we’re certain of: from now on, the MP community (i.e. you) will be vital in making decisions that directly affect the brand. You’ll have the baton, decision-making power. How does that sound? We can’t tell you much more, you’ll have to stick around to see what’s coming!

We ask you to open your minds and join us in this process of evolution that you’ll see in the coming months. We’re finding ourselves and doing so has never been easy. The only thing we can say is that we approach this transitional phase with a lot of optimism, because we have some incredible projects coming up that we’re looking forward to sharing.

A new Maria Pascual arrives in 2022 – and we’re thrilled that you’ll be joining us.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope that, like us, you’ll face new challenges in hope of finding yourselves.

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