Be unique, be original and create everyday new combinations with your jewelry. We’re not going to tell you how to wear them but maybe we can help you with some inspiration. Take a look at our Instagram account and you will see a lot of ways to put your Maria Pascual jewels: wear a full neckline or choose simplicity (one necklace is always a good idea).

The single lady

It’s simple, just wear your favorite necklace to show the world how gorgeous it is. Less is more and this is the proof of. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a choker, a short necklace or a long necklace, your election will always shine.

Picture from Instagram @sannevloet

Sanne is wearing:

Guadalupe necklace.

When 2 become 1

It’s a match! It’s time to swipe to the right and make a good matches: love is in the air and two necklaces are the perfect date for your daily outfits. Combine short and long necklaces or whatever you like. It’s all about imagination and remember: in fashion everything is possible (except the unicorns).

Picture from Instagram @sarafructuoso__

Sara is wearing:

Mini Star necklace.
Shiny Moon necklace.
Renaissance earrings.

Create a unique style

Make a party in your neckline! It’s time to take all your favorite pieces and show them to the world at the same time. Don’t be afraid, everything it’s possible. Take a look at these options and feel free to try it at home.

Picture from Instagram @andres1leon

Teresa Seco is wearing:

Vendimia Necklace.
Buffalo skull Necklace.
Horoscope Leo necklace.

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