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Commitment inspires us. At Maria Pascual we like to feel like every step we take in our projects counts. We like to feel committed to our environment, our team, our work, and of course, to our clients. That’s why behind each piece of our jewelry, there’s a unique initiative that we’ve developed to reinforce our philosophy. So, we would like to invite you to get to know more about the hidden stories behind each of our pieces.

Goodbye to
Single use

It’s thanks to small gestures, that we’ll change the world. We already know which ones are ours. We love the planet. That’s why we want to reduce our carbon footprint by forgetting about single-use plastics and choosing reusable materials to wrap our jewelry in instead. When you receive yours, you’ll see that it’s packaged in sustainable materials like recycled cardboard and that we’re using biodegradable bags made of cornstarch. Also, we’ve decided to say goodbye to paper as well. When we have something to tell you, we use QR codes instead.

And, if you’ve been following us for a while you’ll know that we like to add little surprises to your orders. We just love surprising you! Our gifts are always useful and above all reusable. Can you guess what the next one will be?

Restoration & Care

When you like a piece of jewelry, you want to be able to enjoy it forever. Our artisans are experts in bringing your jewelry back to life. If you would like to restore your prized piece to its former glory, all you need to do is send it to us. Using a manual process and taking extra care, we’ll treat and polish your piece in our atelier, until it looks brand new.

And if your jewelry can’t be restored, our artisans can transform your piece into something new! There’s nothing more beautiful than melting down one piece to create a new one. So, if you decide you’d like your piece to have a second life, we’ll send you a voucher that you can use whenever you would like in our store. That way, we’re contributing to our circular economy by reusing materials.


At Maria Pascual we are young and dynamic, and above all a committed company. We want to use our position to have a positive impact on society and on the planet. That’s why we created our #MPFights bracelets. Each bracelet’s color represents a battle. And, for each purchase, we donate all of the profits to the NGO we believe best defends that battle. .

Because changing the world can be difficult. But helping to change it is not.

to Our Own

Each one of the people involved in our project contributes towards making our pieces what they are. Exclusive jewelry made of 18k-23k gold plated on brass in our Barcelona atelier.

Behind our jewelry lies our commitment to making sure our work policies are of the highest quality. At Maria Pascual we carefully select our suppliers, who are distributed across the globe. We are passionate about collaborating with individuals and companies who firmly believe in what they do and who operate with the same respect for high-quality work standards as us.

We are committed to empower each other. We believe in a healthy work environment and we are continuously listening to everyone that is part of Maria Pascual to make nothing but positive improvements. We’re in this together. We’re a team!

Responsible sourcing
of our gold

When it comes to the origins of our creations, we aim to be as transparent as possible to ensure that our materials are not only high-quality but ethically and responsibly sourced. That’s why our accredited gold supplier holds certifications that ensure that the gold we use to make our jewels meet international best practice environmental and social standards, in line with the criteria of associations such as the Responsible Jewellery Council, the leading authority in the global watch and jewellery industry, and the London Bullion Market Association, the organization that sets standards trusted around the world from the purity, form and provenance of the gold bars to the way in which they are traded.

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