“We want to bring Maria Pascual to new markets where we can make the brand grow and share our passion and understanding of jewelry”

Maria Pascual has begun its international expansion process thanks to the growth and reception the brand has had in Spain.
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The conditions listed below must be respected by anyone who wants to represent our brand and products MARIA PASCUAL. Failure of any of the terms will lead us to break any business relationship established with the wholesaler.
Minimum order.
There is only a minimum order in the first purchase. The first purchase should minimum of € 1200 net.
For the following orders there will be no minimum restriction. There will be only affected by the shipping charges (6)

1. Exclusivity in the physical sale of products
The company ONLINE CONCEPT BARCELONA SLU policy offers no exclusivity to sell its products in any particular location. Once we receive the request form online, will need some information form the sale point that will allow ONLINE CONCEPT BARCELONA SLU team assess the suitability of the store to be a distributor of the brand. Based on this, the team ONLINE CONCEPT BARCELONA SLU reserves all the rights for the selection of the distributor.
We do NOT ship to the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla.
ONLINE CONCEPT BARCELONA SLU. reserves all the rights to sell exclusively in their online store www.maria-pascual.com certain products. You are not allowed to buy these products through our online platform to resell them later in any physical stores.

2. Sale Online
Sale of the products MARIA PASCUAL through any online platforms, outlets or internet is not permitted. The only authorized platform to sell any of MARIA PASCUAL products is ONLINE CONCEPT BARCELONA SLU., which has access through www.maria-pascual.com

Only it will be allowed to sell any of MARIA PASCUAL products if there is a prior written agreement between ONLINE CONCEPT BARCELONA SLU. and the other online platform which will have to sing a contract and established special conditions and sale duration of the campaign.

3. Retail Price
The selling price will be shown in the product description from our online intranet. All our products have to be sell at the indicated retail price. In any case, the wholesale price will be confidential and made not public. Failure to follow these conditions it will involve the cessation of the business relationship between the distributor and ONLINE CONCEPT BARCELONA SLU.

4. Retail price wholesaler
Once you have registered on our Store Area, you will be able to see the wholesale prices of our products.

5. Orders management
All orders have to be processed through “STORE ACCESS” in www.maria-pascual.com. The order can be rejected if there is any incorrectly filled field. Once the store receives the confirmation email of the purchase can then proceed to make the payment via bank transfer. When the payment is made, it is recommended to send a copy of the transfer to mkt@maria-pascual.com so they can start preparing your order. If you do not send the copy, they will only start preparing the order once the payment has come trough the bank. Confirmed the payment, the order will be ready to be shipped the next business day.

6. Shipping
There will be no shipping charges for orders with net amount (excluding VAT) exceeding € 300.00. For orders below this figure, there will be a fixed value added of € 41.32 Net (€ 50.00 including VAT), for costs and handling process.

7. Delivery
ONLINE CONCEPT BARCELONA S.L.U. undertakes to prepare each order packaged properly to avoid breakage and damage during transport. However, once the order is recived, the customer has 24-48 hours to verify the order, make sure everything is received correctly and that all the products are in good condition. After this period of time, claims will not be accepted for this reason.