Combine your Maria Pascual earrings 

Combine your Maria Pascual earrings 

Ideas to create your look

These jewelry pieces perfectly complement any look or style. They can be worn when you go to school, to work, or for an afternoon walk with friends. Choose the pieces that represent you and fundamentally make you feel comfortable and beautiful. These earrings in particular, in addition to being the key for any look, help to enhance and define the features of the face and bring out the color of eyes and skin tone. Keep on reading because we are going to give you some tips and tricks to combine your Maria Pascual earrings.

Choose a piece that you fall in love with

When choosing Maria Pascual earrings, think about the pieces that really identify with you and your style and that you love. If you have one hole or several in your ears, always follow this criteria when picking and combining items. 

√ Choose an earring that mostly fills the earlobe, it will be the main piece to the look. If you have more holes, choose smaller earrings to combine.

√ Distribute the prominence among all the chosen Maria Pascual earrings. In this type of combination you can mix several sizes of earrings.

how to Combine your Maria Pascual earrings Perfect combination 

Before continuing, we will share with you one of the combinations that we all love. It consists of putting the new and beautiful Leaf earrings in the main piercing, if  you have several holes combine it with little Drop Blue Piercing available in emerald and black. Another perfect Maria Pascual earring to combine with the Leaf earrings is the Shiny Piercing

tips Combine your Maria Pascual earrings Combine and risk

Another winning combination is undoubtedly formed by the Earning Bastet earrings with the Eye Earning and with the Earning Pearl. The result is delightful.

Hoops, a Classic 

If there is a classic earring they are undoubtedly the hoops. They have managed to fit into any style and we can see them on the beach, in the office, and even on the red carpet.

One of the advantages it offers is that they combine easily with virtually any other earring. If you want the hoop to remain the star, choose pieces for the other holes that are smaller.  If you like the idea of ​​wearing different and beautiful pieces, we recommend you try these items: Smaller rings, the Evil Eye Earning, Pearl Earning, Heart Piercing, or the Blossom Piercing.

As you can see, there are endless options to combine your Maria Pascual earrings with style. If you need us to help you choose the perfect combination, write us, we love to help you.

Thanks for being here, we will see you next Thursday ☺

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