Combine your jewelry with your swimwear

Happy Thursday! How are you carrying this heat? Luckily, we love it and we don’t get it too bad …

We are already at the end of the month and the smell of August and the beach is one of the things we like the most. You need to combine your jewelry with your swimwear. For this is why we want to bring you a post full of sun, beach, jewelry and especially SUMMER!

Combine your jewelry 

Actually, one of the best times to show off our jewelry has always been in the summer. Above all, because they are seen more.

Right out of the water with hair full of salt, at a party with a ponytail or a low bun. Rings that combine with those vivid colors of our nails. Not forgetting about his position of the ankles with the sandals.


Dare with swimwear

Jewels are that detail that will make the difference of our look. It may seem insignificant to put on a necklace, earrings or bracelets with our bikinis and swimwear. But they will really give you that special touch and will make your swimwear look like a different garment.

Fortunately, it is not only necessary to combine them with solid colors. Any bikini or swimsuit that you have in bright colors will also be ideal combined with jewelry.


Combinations according to your skin tone

Brown skin

For darker skin, although any color enhances this tone, a good option is to combine pastel colors with gold jewelery. This combination is without a doubt the perfect combo for any occasion. Whether to wear a swimsuit at a party or beach, like any bikini.

If you have seen the web, one of the latest collections of Maria Pascual is designed in pastel tones. They are top!


Middle tone

We refer to that half tone. Neither very dark nor very clear. In this case, what we like the most and the most flattering is, are the tones such as blue, red or even brown and black. Anyone who enhances that skin tone and enhances all the light you project.


Nude tone

It is true that we have become accustomed to seeing beautiful toasted skins in the sun. But we should never forget how beautiful those nude skin looks and they give off a lot of light.

In this case, the best shades are the classics, be they black, garnet and bottle green. Although passion red is usually one of the star colors as well. Enhance that tone and really combined with any jewelry you will be great.


News of the week

We present you some jewelry for you to add as a final touch to your looks.

Mini moon earrings: For those summer nights when you want to feel flirtatious, they are ideal to combine with any other accessory.

Maria Pascual Toe Anklet: The Crown Star. The accessory that you will wear on any occasion and set the trend. It is an anklet bracelet with a ring at the foot. It is absolutely brutal! And more now with those enamels in a summery tone.

Maria Pascual Chain Bracelet Large: Classics never go out of style, in fact this year they are here to stay. Gold-plated bracelet that with your swimsuits and bikinis will become an explosive combination.


Carpe Diem

Finally, after all this year we want you to enjoy. That you dare to combine, turn the page and enjoy yourself and yours. We hope and wish that even if it is a different summer, you make the most of it. And still have a lot to live, let’s take advantage of it!

We hope you enjoy this summer very much, albeit with caution. Be happy!

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

A hug!

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