Check out all our latest news and surprises in our January report!

Check out all our latest news and surprises in our January report!

Hi, everybody! How are we doing? We continue with difficult times. Did your grandparents also tell you that you had not lived anything if you had not lived a war? Well, not a war, but we’re going with the third round of the pandemic, a cold wave and all the snow that hasn’t fallen in years together. Not bad, no? But here we are! And to cheer you up, what better than a cocktail of news :)

buy jewelry online maria pascual news

And the fact is that giving yourself jewels in winter, seems to us to be a great gift. The sensation of the jewel on your skin with the warmth of a thick sweater. Ideal!

Before I tell you, I wish you were well, even if you are freezing, and that the start of the year is going great.

Please don’t miss the glow

We can bear the fact that the flour, the toilet paper and the yeast from the supermarket are finished but without any glitter. And it encourages anyone, so one of the new additions to the Maria Pascual family of jewels is “Shiny Cross Necklace” and “Lightning Necklace” in a black version. A color full of strength, sobriety and elegance. They are already available, so you can get them on the web. 

You can also combine them with another of the additions. The hoop earrings, both in a pair and individual version for piercing or cartilage. 

buy jewelry online maria pascual

These last ones, besides black, you also have them in blue, green and pink. You’ll love them.

A special edition that stays

I’m sure you remember the exceptional Advent calendar we made. Little units and unique jewels in limited edition, do you remember? They all flew and you liked them very much. So from tomorrow you can buy the “One World United“. You have asked us for it a lot, especially for nets. We had many doubts, but we like to listen to you and attend to you whenever we can, and we have done so. We thought it was a very symbolic jewel, considering everything we had experienced and what we have left, so we considered it a good addition. From tomorrow, you can get this precious jewels on the web. Don’t forget to add another one to the cart to regulate. You can give it to those who have missed it most during these months or, on the contrary, to those who have been closest to you.

Do you already have our jewelry with a strap?buy jewelry online maria pascual

I don’t know if you remember that we launched the Maria Pascual watch some time ago. A special jewel we designed together with “Axier Espinosa”. Elegant, sober and very stylish. I remind you of it because it is a limited edition so when you fill your cart with the novelties don’t forget it. :)

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