Bright Times: introducing Dulceida’s new jewelry collection

Bright Times Dulceida x Maria Pascual 5

Dive into the new Bright Times collection, jewels in collaboration with fashion influencer Dulceida. Enter her universe and discover the inspiration that brought it to life and a thoughtful insight into the importance of facing the grayest moments with positivism and enthusiasm.

As our grandmothers used to say: no evil lasts a thousand years. We have all been through times of ups and downs and pessimism, but the way we face life depends on us.

The burden of daily obligations, our context or the demands and pressures we unconsciously place on ourselves often have a very negative impact on our lives and, especially, on our mental health. If our entire existence is reduced to fulfilling obligations and achieving goals, its inevitable to enter a loop in which we fail to notice positive stimuli, resulting in a lack of motivation.

We know how difficult it is to go through a difficult time, so we had very clear idea of what we wanted to convey in our third collection with Dulceida, Spanish fashion and lifestyle influencer par excellence.

Bright Times, the new jewelry collection by Dulceida

Our relationship with Dulceida, known as Aida Domenech for those of us lucky enough to know her well, is almost historical. After having launched three collections with her throughout our trajectory, we have established a symbiotic and fruitful relationship that translates into pieces of jewelry that exude the best of both houses.

Dulceida and Maria met at one of those many markets we used to frequent. “I came across the brand and fell in love with its designs, quality and originality. But then I met Maria and, my love multiplied!“, Aida tells us. “When you get to know someone and you feel like you’ve known them your whole life, you speak the same language and they inspire confidence in you, you just realise that the relationship you’re starting will be amazing“.

First image courtsy of Albert Mullor. Bright Times collection by Dulceida x Maria Pascual.

This 2021 has been a complicated year for Aida. As we said at the beginning, like many others, she was going through a complex time and wanted to create a jewelry collection linked to the power of love and the universe. Pieces that, when worn every day, would transmit that intrinsic power and confidence needed to go through a bad stage and eat the world.

Hence, Bright Times was born. A capsule collection that translates the brightness of the stars and the power of the universe in pieces with a magical glow. A dreamy necklace and three Charms with a dazzling brightness that serves as a reminder that even the darkest stages are followed by thrilling, exciting, special times.

I think both Maria and I are very free-minded and creative people, something that ends up being reflected in our collections,” says Dulceida. “The jewelry design responds to the need to bring light, strength and confidence every day. With Bright Times, we hope to convey to you all the energy of the universe so that you face the world with a powerful attitude, self-confidence and much self-love.

Three dazzling designs, three meanings

Each piece of the Bright Times collection responds to a symbolic element in Dulceida’s life. After a consensus and the storytelling we wanted to give to the collection, we decided to focus on Charms to give them the prominence they deserved.

When we wear shiny pieces or accessories, our intention is clear: to dazzle and attract attention. A battle cry, a here I am. That’s why we decided to design the Bright Charms, as light reflects on these glamorous charms with white zirconia inlaid, turning them into hypnotic pieces.

First image courtsy of Albert Mullor. Bright Times collection by Dulceida x Maria Pascual.

The Bright Star Charm is an ode to the starry sky, which inspires and guides us even in the darkest nights. The Bright Moon Charm pays homage to the moon, an element that guides us in retrospection to connect with our inner self. The Bright Heart Charm is a symbol of self-love, because nothing shines brighter than a confident heart.

Last but not least, the Dream Necklace is an elegant piece that combines two styles of chains joined by a very special oval clasp, perfect for hanging charms. The design of this necklace becomes the nexus of the Bright Charms – and of the entire collection.

The Dream Necklace is a piece you can wear in a thousand ways: with the three Charms, with two, one or just by itself! Plus, the Charms are so versatile they can be combined on other chains, bracelets or even basic earrings to give them a special edge” states Dulceida.

A powerful collection that will take you into an exciting, special and, above all, dazzling time. Welcome to the Bright Times.

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