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Happy Thursday; I wish you all well in despite the confinement and the situation :)

If there is one good thing this virus is bringing, it is solidarity. We are all working as a team to get it stopped. From the hashtag #StayAtHome to a bunch of supportive hands sewing masks to rush through.

Here, the Maria Pascual team has always believed in solidarity, commitment and teamwork. When you help, you not only benefit the person or group you are helping, you help yourself. Because when we give, we feel full, satisfied and committed.

And although today I came to talk to you about the following solidarity bracelet I think this has a lot to do because it keeps the same spirit #MPFights

Who else has tried and is trying to do their bit. Today we want to tell you how we have contributed from Maria Pascual and how we want to use our platform to continue helping. Here are our two solidarity actions. I’ll tell you ;)

Maria Pascual donated medical material 

Carla and Maria Pascual have family members working in different hospitals, so they quickly became aware of the lack and need for medical supplies.

They talked to one of their suppliers in China and this one, in a totally supportive and altruistic way, sent them more than 500 units of health protection material. Masks and gloves.

Just a week ago we donated medical material to the hospital Sant Joan Despí Moisès Broggi, and we are doing our best to get more.

Join the Crowdfunding

The other solidarity action with which we are collaborating is a crowdfunding with the foundation Ajudantajudar.

Through a friend who works at the hospital where the masks were delivered, Maria Pascual discovered that some restaurants had begun to send and deliver healthy menus to the health centers for the health workers.

When Maria Pascual found out about this great initiative, she decided to collaborate and make this solidarity campaign viral.

Thanks to this initiative we are raising money to get healthy menus for health professionals. You can make your contribution here.

I guess you’re wondering why we’d be doing that.

I’ll tell you; it goes without saying how important food is. It is always, but, above all: in situations of extreme tiredness, when your defenses are down, you are sleepy, you have worked an endless day of hours, even in some cases, to protect the family you don’t even return home when you finish.

The health workers who are treating the Covid-19 patients eat badly, quickly and badly when they have a moment and sometimes, depending on what time they can do it, the hospital cafeteria is already closed.

That is why this initiative aims to help to facilitate healthy menus for the health workers so that despite the great superhuman effort they are making, they are well-fed.

Thanks to these menus, they will have one less thing to think about, and they will feel better, with more energy.

Before I say goodbye I want to remind you how important every penny is. No matter what your possibilities are, if you can help, no matter how little or how much, you are welcome.

I am attaching here the direct link in case you would like to make a donation.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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