Happy Thursday! How are you? We are still digesting these last few months full of releases and surprises.

Also, we are very grateful for the reception that MP Christmas Box has given, our first Advent calendar. We know that we have a loyal community that loves every novelty, but it has been too much, thank you! Your emotion is our satisfaction.

The promo of the year lands in Maria Pascual!alt"=black-weekend"

How do you read it. If you visit us often you will know that at the beginning of the month we announced that November was one of our favorite months. And so it is. That is why we try to make the most of it and get the most out of it.

Firstly one of the most anticipated promotions of the year is here, the most anticipated of the year, the super promotion. Notice: unique and unrepeatable. With discounts, promotions and gifts! We want you to have the opportunity to give away and acquire all those jewels that you are missing. We are nowhere near fully into Christmas so get out a pencil and paper and … the lists begin!

And secondly there will be different surprises in Maria Pascual, both offline and online. So, I’m going to tell you in detail EVERYTHING so you can schedule it.

Black weekend ONLINE

Get started today! This very night at 00h. and it will last until December 1 in the morning. As you can see, it is impossible for you to miss it. It doesn’t matter if you work at night, study during the day, you have 4 days to do your shopping. of course, do not think too much to see if exactly what you want is exhausted.

And what discount will there be? Most importantly, well, drum roll… a 3X2 on ENTIRE SITE! Yes, you pay for two jewels and you get 3 (the least amount).

In addition to taking a jewel as a gift, for each order you will receive a very cute, very practical and different purse. *

We have also thought about the showroom. Therefore most choose the online option, there are many of you who still prefer to come to the store, enjoy the space, see the jewels, be able to touch them, so if you are one of these, we also have something for you :)

Black Days in our Showroom in Barcelonaalt"=black-weekend"

I said, if you prefer to come and choose your jewelry at the showroom, we are waiting for you with open arms and with discounts too, of course.

If you come on the 27th or 30th of November you will enjoy a 15% discount on ALL our jewels. (except Last Chance). Discount also includes accessories and advent calendar (if stocks last)

There is more! In addition to the discount, we give you a black cardholder or be bag. You choose what you prefer!

As you can see, we have thought of you. We know that you love discounts, some of you expect it all year long. But also, we are close to Christmas. What about the Christmas spirit without a gift? I haven’t gone crazy talking about. Have you heard the experts talk about the importance of bringing Christmas forward this year? After all the experiences, this year it is recommended to bring Christmas forward. In short, put the tree now :) And it is proven that having the house decorated, the lights, the candles and the Christmas sweets bring us well-being and happiness. So prepare your wish list Maria Pascual, place your order with the discount and decorate the house. Now we just have to wait with enthusiasm for your package with the jewels and the gift to arrive :)

The bucket listalt"=black-weekend"

In conclusion, we love wishes and lists :).

And already put forward Christmas, why not advance the annual balance a little?

After making your wish list at Maria Pascual and preparing the car, make your list, your own list. What do you want, what do you expect, in what things are you going to invest your time and in what things are you going to work hard to get what you want.

Do you know which key piece cannot be missing from any of your lists? One word that will likely dictate whether or not you get what you propose? The attitude.

And it is that this is the one that gives shape and veracity to what you do. If you want something go for it, but rest assured that you will have to fight, that there will be potholes, but if it is your purpose and you face it with the necessary attitude, you will achieve it!

Here where you see us, we have started where nobody saw us, the beginnings are always difficult and do not be fooled, there is no peak to reach and rest easy. You always have to be overcoming new challenges and difficulties, but it will be worth it. By the way, that makes me remember that I have an interview with Maria Pascual pending here so that you can get to know her a little better and know a little about the beginnings. I hope to bring her soon and with her a photo of that time :)

Friends, have a good Black Friday, buy well and do not leave anything off the list that you may regret. This discount will not return, take advantage of Christmas shopping, invisible friends, and anniversary gifts throughout the year. Do not forget of course precious jewels for you. An advice? Add to the basket a basic good price, when you receive it, keep it in its unopened box, I assure you that, at any time, when you least expect it, it will be great to give it away. An engagement, an unforeseen celebration, an anniversary of a friend that you forgot, or why not, for your mother, any Sunday. when you return the tupers, you put it inside :)

Get ready we start tonight, we are looking forward to packing each of your jewelry.


Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

* While stocks last

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