Join the cause: #MPFights Against Loneliness

This week we launched our latest #MPFights solidarity initiative – are you up for discovering its story?

Evolving to keep growing

This week, we reflect on the direction the brand will take in the coming months and we unveil the new additions to the Maria Pascual family.

The sun always rises

Happy Thursday, happy week and happy life. Think about it, no matter how hard, very hard the day has been, whether it has been difficult or very difficult, every night…

This summer promises to be an exciting one

Happy Thursday, it's officially summer! What a rush.  Bracelets, anklets, cool dresses, after sun, impromptu meals with swimsuit and salt .... Summer itself is already promising, but this one, it…

Together, we can achieve more!

Happy Thursday, how quickly the week goes by when there are great plans. This week we had a great plan. On Tuesday, part of the team changed the office for…

Tell me what kind of ring you’re wearing, and I’ll tell you who you are

Every week that passes we are a little closer to summer :) And in this desired season, rings are one of the main jewels. It's a joy to see them…

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