We love Los Ángeles… Well, we’re obsessed with this place. City of stars and the place to be right now, LA LA LAND is more than a simple city. You can find whatever you want and you can be whoever yo want. Today we share with you our secret (and favorites) spots.

The wall hunter


Instagram @chloeacquaviva

* Carrera Café. 8251 Melrose Ave. This place is really famous and not only for the coffee with Ryan Gosling on it… Carrera Cafe has a cool wall outside that changes every two months.


Pic from Collage Vintage

* Paul Smith. 8221 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood. This is the most Instagrammed wall ever. Is pink and a lot of people make a line every day to take a picture with this background. The outside of Paul Smith’s boutique is full of people and maybe this place is the most famous in Social Media.

Hungry anyone?

gracias madre los angeles

Pic from Gracias Madre

* Gracias Madre. 8905 Melrose Ave. We love mexican food but at the same time we prefer vegan food, that’s why we love this place so much. You won’t find any mexican vegan food better than this, bible!

cafe gratitude los angeles beverly hills

Pic from Café Gratitude Beverly Hills

* Café Gratitude. 419 N Canon Dr. Healthy and delicious, this is the place to be in LA if you want to eat more than well and at the same time spot some celebrities.

Sweet dreams are made of this…

the line hotel los angeles

Pic from The Line

* The Line. 3515 Wilshire Blvd. There is no place like The Line. His bedrooms are amazing and the views are speechless.

Mama Shelter Los Angeles

Pic from Mama Shelter

* Mama Shelter. 6500 Selma Ave. In Mama Shelter everything is cool: the people, the places and the rooms. Don’t forget to visit his rooftop, you will love the brunch you can have there.

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