Beauty products to try this 2021

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Happy Thursday friends. Another week I’m here to share tips, tricks and news… Today it’s all about beauty.

There are endless options on the market to choose from, but I want to share with you some of the latest trends that the Maria Pascual team has decided to try. Some of us want to try them all and some of them are enough for others :) Let’s take a look at them and see why they are so promising.

Shampoos and solid masks

It’s been a while since they have managed to carve a niche for themselves in the cosmetic world, but now, I don’t think there is practically no one who doesn’t use them. Except me of course :( and I’m looking forward to it. It generates less residue, lasts much longer than conventional shampoo and there is a wide range of options depending on the needs of each hair.

You can take a look at Lush Cosmetics

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Eyelash Primer

I can attest that they are amazing. Some contain treatment that enriches and nourishes the lashes, others only act as preparers to make the mascara look amazing. Most are clear or in a white shade that disappears when dry. Tip! Apply it after your morning treatment so it dries while your makeup dries, so you can apply mascara.

You can browse Benefit

Eyelid primer

Although we sometimes use cream shadows for this purpose, the most appropriate for our eyelids and makeup are the primers. They usually have a cream-like texture and make the shadows set well. With mascaras, we can show off red lips less, but we can highlight the eyes with shadows, smudging and eyeliner.

You can take a look at Fenty Beauty

Beauty products to try this 2021

Lip scrub

Hands up who has ever exfoliated their lips with sugar or salt? Well, too bad, too bad. I’ve done it too, but it’s not right. There are appropriate products for this. They get rid of any little skin, improve the lipstick stick and activate the circulation, giving it a much juicier color. Another one to add to the list!

You can browse “MAC” for

Oil-based cleanser

Little by little, but we’ve been assuming that oil is greasy and makes the skin greasy is a false myth. That even on oily skin they can work great. There are dry oils to moisturize and care for the skin and ideal oil-based cleansers. They remove perfectly traces of makeup. After use, we can use our usual facial gel or soap. By the way, try to always remove your jewelry when you are going to get into the shower or wash your face thoroughly. It’s not that they can’t get wet, but avoiding it will keep them in better condition for longer.

You can browse at Kiehl’s

Mini cosmetic Fridges

They are so cute that even as a decorative object are ideal :), there are many cosmetics that when kept cold enhance their effect such as contour creams or even some creams and serums. But I don’t like to take your cream from the same shelf as broccoli or butter. These Mini Fridges are designed, so you can store your cosmetics and keep them fresh, in perfect condition and odor free.

There are a bunch of brands, you can browse from Google.

Facial Roller

I can’t wait to try it! I’ve heard nothing but wonders about this product. It massages the skin gently and activates blood circulation. In addition, the roller is a stone that is usually quartz or jade with healing and relaxing properties. It brings a lot of light to the skin and from what we have seen in the videos and tutorials is delicious :)

There are also many brands to choose from.

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Makeup fixer 

It’s a must-have in every makeup professional’s makeup bag, but now, as long as we continue with the mask, this product is a must-have for all of us who use makeup. Fix it not only so that it holds longer and better but also so that our beloved mask does not move it. After applying it, wait a few seconds until it dries. By the way, don’t do as I did the first time I used it; you have to leave a safe distance between the dispenser and the face, otherwise instead of the fixative mist you get a direct spray :(

We have a good list to invest in, but little by little, it’s not about buying everything at once. 

And after cleansing your skin, make up and feeling radiant nothing better than a super look to make the whole thing complete. Get one of your favorite garments and one of these three beautiful new necklaces Tusk Necklace, Wild Necklace or Drop Choker, will you choose one or all of them?

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday. 

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