Autumn is coming and in Maria Pascual we reinvent ourselves

Happy Thursday! How are you? How do you get back to school? You know, the university, the work… We hope you are doing well and with enthusiasm.

Today we wanted to write a somewhat special post. And we are improving and changing some aspects of the web. We want everything to lead you to have a pleasant shopping experience, and among those changes is the section of who we are.alt="autumn-is-coming-and-in-maria-pascual-we-reinvent-ourselves"

We are of the opinion that change is good, it is necessary. It is part of the life process. I am neither the one you are yesterday nor the one you will be tomorrow. The experiences we live, the people we meet, our values, our personal ethics … all this leads us to constantly evolve.

For this reason, we wanted to give this web section a twist so that it gets closer and better to who we are now.

That said, I invite you to see it, we would love to hear your opinion :)

And now, let’s get to the issue that concerns us. Fall. Yes, in the blink of an eye we planted ourselves in autumn. Where many see pumpkins, chestnut, Halloween, … We see jewelry combined with turtleneck sweaters, high collars with maxi necklaces, boots and long skirts with a lot of bracelets and rings.

Let’s see some tricks to show off your jewelry this season.

Wardrobe change

 Right now, we are at that moment in which we find ourselves nostalgic and nostalgic for summer with short garments and those who yearn for autumn with warmer garments. This season anything goes: sweaters, shorts, sandals, cardigans…

Even those who believe that jewelry is a “summer thing” but nothing of that. We are going to break this myth and uncover trends that will make your outfit something very different.

To wear a good necklace, you do not need a neckline, or sandals for an anklet, in fact, jewels are timeless accessories, that is, to be able to wear them at will throughout the year. Therefore, we want to leave you some ideas so that you can show them off and take advantage of them.


Combine them and give your look a twist

From Maria Pascual we have always wanted to convey to you that jewelry is not a simplealt="autumn-is-coming-and-in-maria-pascual-we-reinvent-ourselves" accessory. They can be symbols, amulets and even souvenirs. That’s why we don’t think we should stop wearing them just because we take the high collars or tops out of the closet.

In fact, there is no more elegant combination than wearing chains and combining them over the sweater. If you have never done it, maybe at first you feel a little strange, but it is really brutal. The combination of warm colors of autumn clothes, with gold-plated jewels are the best combination.

Another of the ideal tips for this fall is to superpose the bracelets on top of the long sleeve. Nothing to keep the bracelets in the jewelry box, to wear them also in autumn, they give an ideal style.

Finally, we do not want to forget the anklets. Yes, we know that with the boots they may not be seen. But… And when do you wear your skirts or pants and combine them with sneakers? You may not be used to it, but you will not deny us that they are super top!


Much more than an accessoryalt="autumn-is-coming-and-in-maria-pascual-we-reinvent-ourselves"

 In addition, as we have mentioned, one of our main objectives is to use our platform so that you believe in yourself and celebrate your individuality. That you feel special every day, because for us you already are.

We create unique pieces so that they can tell their own story by themselves. Each jewel is an extension of your personality. And for this reason alone, it is essential that you never stop taking them with you.

Since Maria Pascual started, we have been evolving with you. We did not want to be left behind, and for that reason, we have worked every day to achieve new designs that will impact you. Not only do we do it for and for you, but being women, we have given 100% of ourselves to this project. And that is something that nothing and no one will ever be able to change.


We just hope that we really convey everything we’ve always dreamed of. And we work to achieve it. Now it only remains that you love yourself as much as we love our project.


Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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