An unprecedented gift

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Happy Thursday friends, how is the spring and the week going? We here pleased because as usual in Maria Pascual we have news and An unprecedented gift :)

The surprise is in the form of a #FIRSTONEW sweepstakes. It is exceptional because it is more than a raffle, it is to have, see and wear one of the new Maria Pascual jewels. I’ll tell you more later, but first let me introduce you to the newcomers :)

buy jewelry online, An unprecedented gift from maria pascual

Some new arrivals

Just a couple of days ago we launched two new jewels. The Creta Earrings and a ring, Keros Ring.

They look perfect combined or separately.

The half open hoop earrings have an engraving that gives them a special personality. They will look great with your spring dresses and with ribbons as a turban in your hair.

The zirconia ring is perfect for cool spring evenings. It looks great with a tanned hand and manicure.

buy jewelry online, buy jewelry online, An unprecedented gift from maria pascual

4 necklaces join the Maria Pascual family

And now let’s get down to business with this special presentation. I’m presenting them here in preview, but they can be yours before they go on sale.

On April 27th, these beautiful chain necklaces will be in the store. The Symi Necklace, the Milos Necklace, the Kos Necklace and the Hydra Necklace.

But we want two of you to be able to wear them before they are available. How? Pre-sale? Even better, a raffle!

From April 14 to 17 you can participate in the sweepstakes we’ll be doing on Instagram. We already did one, and we think it’s a special way to present a new piece and that some of you can have it for the first time.

The rules of the raffle are simple, you can see it on Instagram, but I already tell you that:

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We raffle 8 necklaces, two of each.

You must choose the necklace you like the most.

Tag a friend

We hope you like them a lot. We hope to see you all tomorrow on Instagram.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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