Maria Pascual: a free spirited jewelry entrepreneur.


From an early age Maria Pascual felt compelled to express herself through design. At 19 years old she moved from Barcelona to London to pursue her degree in the renowned Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design. There, studying and making friends from all over the world, she finds out her second passion: travel. She goes to Morocco, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kenia Thailand and many other places. Back at her hometown and after working for a while in a design agency she feels the need to travel again. Later on, in India, she envisions what she really wants to do: start her own jewelry design business.

This is the starting point for her biggest journey: Maria Pascual Jewelry brand. Nowadays a strong brand that grows day after day to the beat of Maria’s inspiration.

Today, having tea at her studio (she serves it in a mug and heats it up in a Kettle, so British style) Maria opens up about her jewels, her motivations, her point of view, design itself and her own brand. About how it all started and her willpower… “I started off selling in small local markets. The good outcomes and the positive comments were the perfect reward to keep going.” “I’ve made jewels since I can remember, always intuitively and as a hobby. All of a sudden, in a trip to India, I realized that what I was really looking forward to was producing my own designs. I had to turn something that always had been there -and I liked so much- into a proper job. And I went for it.” “The markets allow me to be close to the girls that like my designs. It is so good to be able chat with them, to talk about how to wear the jewels or how to take care of them so they look their best. The thing is that you get to know and befriend with so many people, and that is a bonus, and I love it. Because these people end up being part of my professional life but also taking part on my personal life. I don’t know if in my daily routine I am so talkative, that maybe should be asked to the closest friends, but in the markets I enjoy so much the chitchat. I have such a good time.” “I love being in touch with people. It is one of the biggest rewards of this project. It is very important because it gives me so much in return. As much as I can, I try to have personal contact with everybody: in the markets, through e-mail, in the social networks… In fact, I would like to keep it this way even if the brand keeps on growing. I know it is difficult but I like to be always there. Available for my clients, so they know i’m there and where to reach me if they need anything.

I enjoy giving advice to someone who is looking for a special present, talk about outfits and mix&match, answering questions…” About motivations, her inspiration and the travel bug… “If you want to do it, just do it, go for it! If you have a dream, a passion, if there is anything you like a lot, go ahead, make it happen. I encourage everybody to follow their dreams, to pursue their goals and projects. My mother always tells me I shouldn’t say that to everybody, but it has worked so well to me that I feel that all of us should at least try. When you are doing what you really like in life, you don’t care about the hours you spend with it, you don’t notice if the work takes extra time or if you don’t have any weekends off. You enjoy it from the moment you wake up til the moment you go to bed. And all the troubles/doubts become challenges to overcome.”

“To me it is crucial to be able to travel. Travelling is a must, a need. And it is so as well for he people involved in this project. As I say Maria Pascual brand it is a journey itself. And there is this feed back between the brand and the trips. Travelling is time-out but at the same time it is inspiration. Getting to know other aesthetics, other cultures, other ways of living, other ways of seeing the world.” “I made the decision to start up all of this during a trip and the chances and coincidences made it possible. All of a sudden everything seemed to come together, and even though I had to work hard to make it possible, it all happened as if it was already planned. I started walking of slowly and I found out my path: I met the right people to produce my designs with, I discovered the best way to tune up the production process (I have to say that I monitor myself the process all the way through). All started to work out during a trip and travelling is always the starting point. Sometimes I wonder if I should cancel a trip, because at the moment there is so much work going on, but quickly I realize that travelling it is a goal in itself. And at the same time travelling is something that feeds the brand with much needed inspiration to keep on growing.”

“I would like to think that Maria Pascual Jewels have a bit of all of that philosophy. The jewels boost you to be who you really want to be and incite you to do what you want to do. They give you self-confidence, strength. And they give you character and style too. These jewels are not mass-produced, Maria Pascual Jewels are original designs with a lot of work and thinking on behind them. They have this extra special something, authentic, and unique. We try to adjust the prices and make them affordable too. I always design keeping in mind what will be the final price so I can adjust the prices with the current situation. We want our jewelry to reach as many people as possible.” About her point of view and creativity… “I observe all the time. I look at everything and everywhere. Sometimes, unconsciously, I even stare. I love to see the way my friends dress when we meet for dinner, the way they mix&match their jewels. I like to look people on the streets, the window-shops, any daily situation in my city or something special somewhere in the world… I analyse all the little details. And while travelling I take as much visual information as I can. I think that the designer’s point of view it is what makes the difference, it is what brings out really unique pieces. As it is always something quite subjective.”

About the Jewels and the Collections… “Minimal design is the general feature of all Maria Pascual Jewels. Little details that make your look and feel unique. When it comes to style, like with many other things in life, the details are what make the difference. Maria Pascual Jewels say something about you without being too loud. The stylish tip. The jewels add that special touch but let you be yourself. They add a little something to your look but don’t take it over because are delicate pieces that go with all your day and night looks. Something nice and special that defines you and makes you feel good.”

“The brand essence is the mix&match concept. This is the idea of mixing up together all the jewels and your outfits. Some jewels are subtle, others are geometrical and some stand out from the rest, but all go well together. You can wear them with so many kind of looks. You can combine many jewels together or you can wear one on its own to add just that golden detail. You can work out casual looks, more dramatic looks, day or night style, no matter what, they go with all. 100% mix&match.” “I must say that all the girls that wear Maria Pascual Jewels end up being part of the creation process. Because I take so much in consideration the way they mix&match the jewels and their outfits. It is amazing to see the thousands of possible mix&match they work out, so many combinations, so many possibilities. Total inspiration. In fact, Maria Pascual Jewels suggests a lifestyle that we all kind of share, we all have some things quite in common, although every girl has her own unique style.” “As a brand we have get rid of the idea of seasonal collections just for the aim to encourage the permanent mix&match and our desire to keep on feeding the brand creativity with our regular trips.

Maria Pascual has an ongoing collection. Always evolving. We keep on adding new pieces right along, following our creative beat, the trends and also what we feel like doing, why not?”

To find out more about Maria Pascual and the jewelry, follow the brand’s accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

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