“We are a brand that represents the best of all us”

Maria Pascual is a budget-friendly jewelry brand with a unique style. In recent years, it has developed an international cult following and has become a trendsetter in the global jewelry market. We are genderless and ageless. We want to make sure that everyone feels included. We are plural, everyone is welcome.

We design and produce quality jewels to perfection. We create jewels to love and last. We are forever inspired by the people that wear Maria Pascual.



“It started as a dream, it became a family business”

From the early days, Maria Pascual knew she had to follow her dream to make an impact in the jewelry and accessories industry by making quality pieces.  Maria is self-made, talented, determined and strong. She’s kind but tough. She doesn’t mess around and knows exactly what she likes and what she wants.

She started building her business from the ground up, designing and fulfilling orders from her apartment and selling at local markets, while turning to her father and sister for help. That’s when the brand took a more entrepreneurial approach, and with their relentless hard work came success.


Forever inspired by Maria’s many travels around the world, her vintage finds, the art and culture that surrounds her, and you, Maria Pascual has become an accessories household name made up of a passionate and dedicated team that continues to grow rapidly, all by valuing honesty and authenticity. We are all very proud of the Maria Pascual family and we invite you to be a part of it.



“We make timeless jewels with a meaning”

We believe jewels tell a story about the person who wears it. That’s why we create timeless pieces that you’re missing from your jewelry collection: so you can share yours. Each piece is designed to be an extension of your personality. We make jewels that you’ll live in and layer every day effortlessly.

We were gold lovers before gold was even a thing. All our jewels are gold-plated locally in a Barcelona workshop. We personally bring a hand-finish to every single piece that we make.  We also select our manufacturers based on their high standards of craftsmanship and their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, in order to respect both the workers that make our jewelry possible, and the impact we have on our world.


“We want to leave a positive mark on you”

Our approach to design is based on delivering not only a look but a feeling of beauty to our clients. We want to use our privileged positioning and platform to celebrate individuality and let the real you shine. We want you to feel good about yourself and feel confident in your own skin when you wear one of our designs. We want you to be you. We want you to love you. We want you to stand out.



“We are more than a jewelry brand. We are a movement”

We believe in making a difference in the lives of the people who surround us by creating pieces that are a reflection of your attitude towards life. That allow you to exceed yourself and overcome all your challenges. We want our jewels to be a source of motivation and strength. We want to influence and address issues around equality, diversity and solidarity. We want to give back to the people and the planet.

As a female founded company we are all about empowering other women, as well as everyone else. We come together to support each other, our team, our customers, and our community, because our success is a collective achievement.



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