A different kind of December 

It’s the beginning of December and it already smells of cold, rich and hot food, steaming cups, blankets, couch, movies… and Christmas! In no time at all the lights will start coming on and the stores, streets and homes will be brighter than ever. 

Some essential dates are coming up

Your Online & Local Jewelry StoreWhen December comes, many feelings come to the surface. That appreciated nostalgia that invades our whole body arrives. It is a different sensation from the rest of the year, but it marks a time completely. The moments that are lived become more intense, the love, the friendship and those details that we want more than ever, like sharing. 

Usually at this time of year, campaigns are also carried out to collect food, games for children, collection of blankets… Solidarity abounds. 

But the truth is that this year, due to all that has happened, we have seen more than ever the humanity of many people. Perhaps people who are not usually so supportive have put their shoulders to the wheel more than anyone else. And this is the true magic that should be released from all of us day by day. 

News that comes at the perfect time

The magic that invades the month of December is so special that this year could not be less. We wanted to bring something new to accompany this whole set of feelings and happiness. And the fact is that just two days ago, we launched the Smiley ring in different colors. We love it! It gives us an incredible good feeling. And for that, there is no better time than now.

It’s a time when we have to encourage smiles as well as spread them wherever we go. Memories that will stay in our memories forever and above all make others happy. Obviously, without forgetting our own. Because there is nothing better than being happy to be able to throw this happiness wherever we go.Your Online & Local Jewelry Store

Details that make the difference

Yes, detail counts and a lot. And a totally unexpected gift, disinterested and without coming to anything, is a great detail.

Who doesn’t want to be given a smile? Well, imagine yourself in the form of a Maria Pascual jewel. Our jewels are much more than accessories and complements, you know that. They are, among other things, the perfect tool to obtain smiles, happiness, joy and above all unforgettable moments. 

Creating a great family

That’s what you are to us. Part of our family Maria Pascual. Because thanks to you, we have managed to form a community full of desires, ambitions and good energy. Because we believe in you and in your possibilities, and above all because we know what you are capable of. People, empowered men and women who go out into the world and eat it up. 

So, before we say goodbye, thank you! 

Your Online & Local Jewelry StoreThank you to each one of the people who make this all possible. To you, to all of you and to the entire team. 

We wish you a month of December full of illusion, hope and happiness.

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